2 comments on “Trump Insult List (ongoing)

  1. I would rather, a president who insults people, rather than causing the harm the Marxists have done, or the GOP/RINOs have done. Really, aside from FDR, who else was good foe America. Eisenhower, JFK, Reagan. Only four people in a one hundred year span. Those odds, favor loansharks, and criminals. Of the four, some critique Reagan and FDR. So what does that bring us to? Only two per hundred year span. That places America, and, those who truly need help, not the ones who run to America then complain about how bad America is. No matter who is elected, that person better pull their swollen head out of their asshole and be the president for all, Americans.

    I was asked three times to run for elected office in New York City and declined, because I felt that there was someone who might be able to do a better job than myself, and the People deserved only the best, because their lives depend on it. Only recently, I tried to make a run for County Sheriff, but the political party that I belong to, had their own guy, and they had no interest in me. The guy who won the election, is doing only a mediocre job. Politics. All sides. Favors. Liars who say what people want to hear, rather than what people should hear, because Truth, at times, can be very emotional and very bitter.

    I had wanted to see Charles Krauthammer, run for president, with Judge Andrew Napolitano, as vice president, but they had no interest. They do, love our nation, dearly.
    Trump needs to learn to conduct himself in a more presidential manner, no doubt. Hillary and Sanders, are the very worst case scenario.

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