What Happened to America?

Commentary & Opinion by the Fiery Evangelist ——–

America has turned to evil and against God!  We have become an evil and vile nation!  We are now the modern edition of Sodom and Gomorrah in which anything goes no matter how perverted or vile!  We are a nation in love with evil!  We are a selfish people who care only for ourselves and our pleasures!  We are a prideful people steeped in SIN and ABOMINATIONS!  God has DAMNED AMERICA!  Like it or not, believe it or not, God has DAMNED America!!

EvangelistWe have become a nation whose REAL “god” is MAMMON!  Who’s Mammon?  The DEMON of MONEY!  We love money more than we love God.  We don’t want to hear it!  We don’t want to believe it!  But God indeed has DAMNED America just like He did Sodom & Gomorrah!  This is what happens when a people turn away from the Lord and towards SIN.  God is patient but His patience has limits.  God is not some sort of genie who grants your every wish even though many people seem to hold this exact concept of Him.  God can be harsh and in our case I think He’s about to deliver our nation and our people into the palm of the EVIL ONE!  The Lord’s patience with us has run out.  Do ya blame Him?  With all of our hypocrisy, egotism, worship of money and pleasure, selfishness, greed….do ya blame Him?  We sin.  We SOMETIMES ask forgiveness.  But then we go right back to our SIN!  That makes us hypocrites and the Lord detest hypocrites!

We as a nation more and more accept any and every vile abomination imaginable!  We accept any old perversion! We honor NOT the God-fearing but the SINNER and the DEGENERATE!  We spurn the man of God!  We hate the man of The Word!  Now in our “progress” down the ROAD OF SIN we are told we must be accepting of unisex bathrooms.  Say what?  Men can now go into the women’s bathroom and visa versa and we should think nothing of it but I guarantee you before long every PERVERT in the nation will be hanging out in the public bathrooms! Forget the public bathroom!  I’ll go behind the bush!!

Drugs!  Alcohol!  Sex!  This is what we as a FALLEN people have come to love and want!  We have become a demented peoples, a VILE PEOPLE, a SINFUL and SIN-FILLED people and the Lord is NOT with us but is AGAINST us because we refuse to REPENT!!  God detest one kind of SINNER more than any other and that is the SINNER who sins, asks God for forgiveness, and then goes right back out and commits the SAME SIN again!  That us!  That’s America!  That’s what we do!!

Instead of seeking guidance in the Word of the Lord we seek FALSE guidance in the LIES and ABOMINATIONS of fortune tellers and psychics!  Instead of praying for others we condemn them and mock them!  Instead of forgiving others we hold grudges and seek to DESTROY them!  Oh…Oh….we all claim we know God BUT many of us DO NOT have the POWER OF GOD in our lives!  And what is that power?  It’s the HOLY SPIRIT!

Now we come to an election year and we THINK a man or a woman will save us from all of our woes but I got news for ya.  NO man or NO woman can now save America!  Only God can save America and I highly DOUBT He’s going to do that.  When that tragic and horrifying event known as 9-11 happened back in 2001 we got scared because we never thought anyone would or could attack our beloved America.  We got scared and for a few weeks after Americans started going back to Church.  But in just a few short weeks the churches were empty again and we went right back to our SIN AND GREED!  We showed the whole world what HYPOCRITES we were then!  We PROVED to the Lord God Almighty what HYPOCRITES we were and still are!  I hear a lot of people talking about saving America but there is ONLY ONE that can SAVE America and that is JESUS CHRIST!

Oh there…there…I spoke His Name!  You don’t want to hear it.  You don’t want to believe it!  You reject Him and soon He will reject YOU if He hasn’t already!  The Lord’s Word teaches us that if we reject Him then He will reject US before the Father!  Read it and weep!  Cry and whine all you want!  It’s time the TRUTH was told in and about this country and peoples!!!!

We want to pretend that everything is ok.  We want to deceive ourselves into thinking that we are oh……so SELF RIGHTEOUS and all others are not righteous!  We want to hope that we have a license to do ANYTHING we want and still have a guarantee of going to Heaven when we die because the TRUTH is for MOST of us is that DEATH scares the livin’ Hell out of us!!  We fear death in this country because somewhere in the depths of our souls we fear that should we die we MIGHT end up in Hell.  And ya know what?  That fear is JUSTIFIED!  Justified because that IS where most of us are going to end up IF we don’t change our ways and REPENT OF OUR SINS as both a PEOPLE and a NATION!!

We have become so depraved in our own minds that we no longer respect human life!  We have devalued human life!  We see human life, other than our own, of no account!  “Life is cheap” we say and I guess it is IF you don’t know the Lord and have Him in YOUR life!!  We are today a nation of SINNERS, DEGENERATES, HYPOCRITES, and HEATHENS!!!!  REPENT!  REPENT!  REPENT!!!!

By now MOST of you haven’t read this message this far and I know it because you don’t want to hear it.  You want to continue to pretend that everything is ok but NOTHING IS OK!  We’ve succeeded in turning right into wrong and wrong into right!  We’ve succeeded in this nation in making up, down, and down, up!  We have become a confused and fearful people but what should we have expected would be the end result when the DEVIL is the author of FEAR AND CONFUSION?  We are a CORRUPT nation and CORRUPT people all the way from the dog catcher up to the leaders of our land!  We don’t want to hear the TRUTH because we want to hear things only pleasing to our ears.  We would rather hear LIES than TRUTH!!  Such is the way of an EVIL and VILE people who have turned away from the Lord and gone into the arms of the DEVIL!!!

And I know right now MANY of you are just wishing I’d shut up and go away!  You have already passed me off as a crazy preacher-man!  But I’m not a crazy preacher man!  I’m a preacher of the TRUTH…..GOD’S TRUTH!  I’m NOT going away and there are plenty of people in this nation who believe like I do and they aren’t going away either!  We are tired of being silent and we are NOT going to be silent anymore!  We are going to shout the TRUTH OF THE LORD from the highest mountain!  “My brother can’t you see WE got the VICTORY”?  And you can have the victory too by repenting of your sins and turning to the Lord.

Go ahead!  Vote for Trump!  Vote for Clinton!  Vote for whomever you wish but it isn’t going to change one thing in this nation  because our PROBLEM….our REAL problem …..in this nation is OUR SIN and ONLY the LORD can save us from that!!!  It’s time for Americans to get a REALITY CHECK!  It’s time we pull our heads out of the sand and face TRUTH!  It’s time we REJECT the lies of the DEVIL!  It’s time we REPENT and turn against the DEVIL! Make America great again?  NOT WITHOUT GOD!  It will never happen without HIM!  Trump can’t do it.  Clinton can’t do it.  No one can do it because ONLY the LORD can DO IT.

WE are a nation and peoples of ABOMINATION!  We are the modern people of the modern Sodom and Gomorrah! God most often delivered an evil and sinful people into the very hands of their enemies when they turned against him.  Is that what He is doing to us in America today?  Is he delivering our nation and our people into the very hands of our enemies?  Or worse yet…..will our fate be the same as that of Sodom & Gomorrah?  Something ain’t right in America!  Something’s wrong in America!  WE all know it but we can’t put our finger on it.  It’s our SIN!!  That’s what’s wrong in America today and that is what we can’t put our finger on because MOST of us live in a perpetual state of DENIAL.  Our enemies mock us!  Our enemies laugh at us!  Our enemies snicker behind our backs as we walk by!  We have become a JOKE to the whole world and CONTRARY to what we think MOST of the world does NOT want to be just like us because they see our SIN plainly!!

I laugh when people tell me vote for Trump because he’s our last hope and he’ll make America great again.  No he won’t because he’s not God and He can’t do it.  The FACT of the matter is that America was GREAT when America and Americans walked with the LORD! And as soon as we started to turn away from Him America began to FALL and today WE ARE A FALLEN NATION!  You want to help make America great again?  GO BACK TO CHURCH!! You want to help America be blessed again?  TURN BACK TO THE LORD AND REPENT!!  There is NO other way!!!!

Trump?  Clinton? Joe or Jane Blow?  It doesn’t matter who wins in November because without God they won’t be able to do anything to save America.  The Word says “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”  Well the reverse of that is “DAMNED is the nation whose God is not the Lord!”.  There a slap in the face by TRUTH!! GLORY!  GLORY!!  GLORY!!!

IF you truly want America to be great again then get off the SIN TRAIN!  If you really want this nation and our people to be blessed again then STOP consorting with the Sons of Cain and the Daughters of Iniquity!!  Get off that old SIN TRAIN brother!  Get on board the LORD’S TRAIN sista!  The SIN TRAIN is on its way to HELL and it’s driven by the DEVIL!  Everyone on board that train is going to H-E-L-L guaranteed!  REPENT!  Turn back to the LORD!  Jump on over onto the LORD’S TRAIN headed for ETERNAL LIFE and SALVATION!!!!  

I know most of you don’t agree with anything I say here but maybe you should THINK ABOUT IT.  Maybe you should stop and consider what train you’re on and where that train is headed.  Maybe you better forsake ABOMINATION!  Maybe you’d better help SAVE our nation by turning BACK to the LORD!  

NO more sin!  NO more abomination!  NO more love of EVIL!  No more perversion!  No more hypocrisy!  It’s time! Time that we as a nation and as a people FACE TRUTH!  It’s time to really make America great again but there is NO doing that without the LORD God Almighty!!

What happened to America?  WE jumped on board the SIN TRAIN!



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