One comment on “Slaughter in Orlando!!!

  1. Roberto: The Founding Fathers did not exclude anything and to add to it only bastardizes the intent as “Arms” not muskets, are listed. The musket, in 1776, was, the state of the art weapon for the time, in technology. Many people have their reasons for an AR-15, I do not own one. I did not care for the M16, either. The M14 civilian version: M1A), now that, or an M1 Garand, is a whole different story. It is not the weapon that counts, it is the mind and intentions of the individual operating the weapon, any weapon, or machine, such as an automobile and so forth, that matters. The brain, is the issue, as the latest jet fighter aircraft is inert, until a properly trained and motivated aviator climbs into the cockpit and the jet, suddenly comes to life, doing the will, of the brain in control. You are absolutely correct regarding the piss poor leadership currently in charge of our nation. That is why we have elections. Ballot boxes, rather than flying bullets. Our brain, tells us it is the best civilized way to remedy the leadership situation. Others, demand free stuff. Free Men, strongly speak up, and seek appropriate measures to keep America on track.

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