Slaughter in Orlando!!!

I assume you have all heard the news about the mass slaughter in Orlando, Florida at a gay nightclub.  First off, this is very, very tragic.  At least 50+ people were shot and killed before the shooter was shot dead himself by authorities. I’m not going into all the details as I suppose you already know but what I am going to do is make a few comments about the situation, the shooter, and some others.

The killer has been identified as Omar Mateen a US citizen with no prior criminal record.  He was born to Afghan parents in NYC in 1986 and was living in Port St. Lucie, Florida.  Reportedly, prior to carry out this horrendous slaughter of HUMAN BEINGS Mateen had pledged himself to ISIS (the Islamic State).  I’d also like to note that this shooting took place during the Islamic holy time known as Ramadan.  The lunatics running ISIS have been encouraging this very kind of thing during Ramadan and at some point the United States is going to have to deal with ISIS once and for all.  Of course I DO NOT see that happening with the present administration who seems bent on being weak-willed, indecisive, and lacking in EFFECTIVE action.  If it were me and I was POTUS I guarantee you 100% ISIS and all their cohorts would have been “removed” (as in permanently) a long time ago!!  But, alas, such is not the case.

This also happens to be Gay Pride Month and what this was was an ISIS inspired domestic TERRORIST attack on INNOCENT people!  What this was was a horrendous and barbaric act by a LUNATIC with at GUN!!  Draped in the MASK of religion this nut-sack used his religion (Islam) to hide behind and to cover up his depravity and psychosis (normal people don’t do these kinds of things).  Mateen was a licensed ARMED security guard, apparently, in the State of Florida.  He used automatic weapons and wore a suicide vest during the slaughter.  Also, he was apparently on an FBI watchlist but was deemed not to be a threat EVEN though he apparently had made past threats of violence.  WTF?  What in the HELL is WRONG with the FBI?  Why are they acting as if they are KEYSTONE COPS? Clearly, this man was a THREAT if he’d been making past threats and hooked up with ISIS!!

It’s also been reported that Mateen was not mentally stable.  So why was he a licensed armed security guard by profession?  And why did the FBI not know his mental state? Have we failed to “connect the dots” once again as we did with 9/11?

Mateen used an automatic assault weapon (AR-15) in his attack and I’m still wondering just why anyone needs such a weapon and WHY these weapons have not been outlawed.  Sorry but your right to bear arms says NOTHING about what kind of arms you can have!  In fact, if we wanted to get real technical we could claim this applies only to a musket!  But, that is a topic for future comment.

Just where is Barack Obama?  He was briefed on the situation and asked for regular updates but I’m not seeing anywhere where he has condemned the slaughter.  What is wrong with this President?  He should have immediately condemned one of the worst and most horrific mass murders and acts of TERRORISM and made it clear that the days of ISIS are numbered (as in a week at the most)!

And then there is GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump!  Trump gloating in his own EGO as he all too often typically does says “I was right!”.  Right in the fact that Trump has been warning us about the dangers of radical Islamic TERRORISTS!  He then called for vigilance and toughness saying “We must be smart.”  You might recall Trump has called for a ban on all Muslims from entering the USA and he’s also called for the destruction of ISIS.  Frankly, I FULLY AGREE WITH HIM!!   Hillarious Clinton is going to deal with the ISIS and other terrorists like Obama has…meaning he hasn’t!  We need to show these radicals that we are tough and smart of send the message to all of them that if you screw with the USA we are going to remove you from existence!  And more than sounding threats to these lunatic terrorists we need to take ACTION and DO IT!  Once the USA military takes a bunch of these terrorists out they’ll learn real quick to respect us and not mess with the USA.  The reason they DON’T respect or fear us is because we’ve dealt with them as WEAKLINGS filled with fear!  It’s time to MAN THE HELL UP AMERICA!!

ISIS has also put out a “hit list” with 8000 Americans on it.  These people apparently are just regular people such as bankers, teachers, workers, and others who might be in the spotlight in a minor way.  In other words, ISIS is trying to inspire FEAR because that is what TERRORISTS do.  I suggest we turn the tables on them and inspire fear on them!  These lunatics MUST be dealt with in a ruthless way void of all of the PC BULLSHIT!  The ONLY thing terrorists understand and respect is POWER AND FEAR.  America needs to give them some of their own medicine but, once again, I DON’T see this happening under the Obama Administration OR a Hillary Clinton Administration which will simply continue Obama’s WEAK and indecisive “foreign policy” which is nothing short of a JOKE.  This administration has NO foreign policy and hasn’t had one for the past 8 years!

What has happened in Orlando is beyond tragic and my heart and prayers go out to the families and friends of those killed or injured.  They also go out to the community of Orlando and America.  Why?  Because all of us need to pray for our nation that come November we put someone in as POTUS with some guts to STOP these TERRORISTS foreign AND domestic!

I heard US Senator Sessions say that more attacks like these are coming.  Well if we are going to prevent them then we are going to have to get our collective asses in gear and the FBI is going to have to start being FAR MORE effective and vigilant IMO.  They dropped the ball on Mateen!  Seems to me that the head of the FBI needs to be FIRED for this and the FBI needs to be headed by someone with some GUTS and INTELLIGENCE.  But, again, I don’t see that happening either under the present administration OR a Clinton Administration.  Don’t get me wrong. I don’t like Trump mostly because of his big ego and his offensive comments about Hispanics BUT the more I see and think about Clinton and this whole affair I think TRUMP just might be our best hope at least when it comes to dealing effectively with people like this RADICAL LUNATIC who slaughter masses of PEOPLE in Orlando!!

Enough is enough already America!  Time to BALL UP!!




One response to “Slaughter in Orlando!!!

  1. Roberto: The Founding Fathers did not exclude anything and to add to it only bastardizes the intent as “Arms” not muskets, are listed. The musket, in 1776, was, the state of the art weapon for the time, in technology. Many people have their reasons for an AR-15, I do not own one. I did not care for the M16, either. The M14 civilian version: M1A), now that, or an M1 Garand, is a whole different story. It is not the weapon that counts, it is the mind and intentions of the individual operating the weapon, any weapon, or machine, such as an automobile and so forth, that matters. The brain, is the issue, as the latest jet fighter aircraft is inert, until a properly trained and motivated aviator climbs into the cockpit and the jet, suddenly comes to life, doing the will, of the brain in control. You are absolutely correct regarding the piss poor leadership currently in charge of our nation. That is why we have elections. Ballot boxes, rather than flying bullets. Our brain, tells us it is the best civilized way to remedy the leadership situation. Others, demand free stuff. Free Men, strongly speak up, and seek appropriate measures to keep America on track.

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