Is Yellowstone About to BLOW?

Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood

Seismic activity along California fault lines has increased recently and also in Yellowstone National Park the home of the Yellowstone SUPER volcano.  Reports are that in the past few months the famous geysers at the park have been behaving oddly and in just the past week there have been 3 significant earthquakes in the region.  A magnitude 3.7 hit the area on June 9.  A magnitude 4.3 hit the area on June 13.  And today a magnitude 4.0 hit the area.  Quakes are common in the Yellowstone region but NOT of these magnitudes.  Additionally, some big quakes have also been striking Montana in recent weeks which is highly unusual.

Regarding fault lines in California this past Friday a 5.2 quake hit the region NE of San Diego and it shook across southern California.  This quake hit around 1 am NW of Borrego Springs which is in San Diego County, California. This quake was followed by an almost unbelievable 800 aftershocks!  Quakes have also been striking in Oregon and out in the ocean waters off the coast as well.  Some scientists are warning that a BIG quake is on the way to the tune of maybe a 9.0 magnitude!  Such a quake would devastate the west coast.

Returning to Yellowstone…. Yellowstone is a Supervolcano and thousands of years ago it erupted and basically devastated the entire west of America.  Should that happen in our time with all of our civilization and infrastructure it would effectively knock many of us back to the Stone Age!  Ash spewed into the upper atmosphere would cool the earth for a long time and have long-term global effects for all of humankind.  Keep an eye on Yellowstone and the surrounding region.  Yellowstone hasn’t blown yet but it sure is letting us know that it is very much alive and well as are the faults in California, Oregon, and the State of Washington.  Oh and that reminds me, there have been several quakes lately near the volcanoes in Washington State including around Mt Hood, Mt St Helens, and Mt Rainer.


Meanwhile, California Fault Lines And The Area Around Yellowstone Are Shaking Like Crazy



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