ISIS proclaims Mateen: “Lion of Caliphate!”??

The TERRORIST org known as the Islamic State (ISIS) proclaimed the Orlando TERRORIST Omar Mateen as a “Lion of the Caliphate” today for putting “horror, fear, & heartbreak into the hearts of the infidels…during the great blessed battle successfully carried out by one Muslim man.”  I guess ISIS still hasn’t gotten the memo!

HELLO!  Mateen was GAY which is a sin in radical Islam so why is ISIS lauding him?

Oh but wait, were talking ISIS here….that ABYSS OF HYPOCRISY that frequently kills men, women, AND CHILDREN, enslaves women as SEX slaves, kills women when they refuse to be ISIS sex slaves, beheads innocents every other day in the name of “God” but of course, and consumes DRUGS like no tomorrow.  And none of these things are SINS in Allah’s eyes?  Seems to me ISIS hasn’t gotten ANY of the memos including the one known as the Holy Qur’an which teaches ALL of these things are SINS and ABOMINATIONS!  Of course I’m sure they busy their time snorting coke and taking meth as has been reported.  LOL talk about wigged out!

Actually I’m glad to see ISIS proclaim the killer Mateen a “lion of the Caliphate” because now they’ve shown the entire world and GOD the extent of their own hypocrisy.  Lion of the Caliphate?  MY ASS!

Hmmmm…..I just wonder IF ISIS could be the REAL infidel?




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