AR-15 NEVER Intended for CIVILIAN Use!

The children and grandchildren of  inventor Eugene Stoner who invented the AR 15 assault rifle says he never intended this rifle for use by civilians.  He designed it for the military and made his millions from military contracts for the weapon.  He also designed the subsequent M-16 for the military.  He never owned a AR 15 himself and never used it for hunting, other sports, or home protection.  The family said Stoner would be horrified if he knew the weapon he designed were being used in mass shootings by civilians.  Stoner died in 1997 at age 74 after which a semi-automatic version of the weapon came into civilian use.  He also designed the .223 bullets for the weapon.

I’m afraid Mr Stoner was conned just like the inventors of the Atom Bomb were conned.  They were told that the weapon would never be used and were horrified when the US dropped not one but two on WW2 Japan.  But, alas, anytime one designs a new weapon you can count on it being used as proved time and time again by history.

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2 responses to “AR-15 NEVER Intended for CIVILIAN Use!

  1. Different world back then. No self-respecting hunter/shooter, would consider and cosmetic/stock, other than walnut. Today, walnut is extremely expensive, especially figured walnut stocks. That, is the only difference between what is considered a “friendly” firearm, and the “evil black gun”. Everything remains the same. Action, Barrel, all the same. Outlaw plastics, such as milk jugs, automobile parts, chromed plastic, because “plastic” is “evil”. You get a “B” for effort, but a “C-” for knowledge of content about firearms. The intent was, initially, that in Vietnam, constant humidity and rain, would be absorbed by conventional hardwood riflestocks, that would warp, twist, and render accuracy, nil. Plastic solved the problem. Period. Case closed. End of story. I own two plastic (not AR15) firearms because I hunt in rain and snow conditions, in the field, and on the ocean. Plastic is easier for me to maintain. Both firearms are not Blued. They are matte black coated to prevent rust. Both firearms, incidentally, are, black in color. It’s what is in the mind of the shooter, whether good or evil is intended. I hunt. Other persons may desire something, demented. My kids were taught gun safety at an early age, my son was eight year old when I bought him a rifle that he used strictly under my immediate and physical supervision. Never had any issues with my son, while he was growing up. None. Not a single one. Later, he wanted to “follow footsteps”, and became a Marine. He was in Iraq and Afghanistan. He still has that rifle. As I do, so does my son, he keeps it clean, unloaded, a trigger key lock, and locked in a gun safe, because he is concerned about safety.

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