Orlando TERRORIST texted wife during slaughter!

The radical Muslim Terrorist Omar Mateen reportedly texted his wife during his killing spree inside The Pulse nightclub that killed 50 people and injured many more.  His current wife is named Noor.  In the text Mateen reportedly asked his wife if she’d seen any news reports on TV yet about the shootings.  This according to CNN.

Another source reports that she tried to call Mateen several times during the rampage.  Reportedly, the timing of her calls to him came after initial reports of the shootings and that is when she realized her husband might be the shooter.  Further investigation has revealed that there were “warning signs” about Mateen as far back as when he was in elementary school.  At that time a teacher’s report when Mateen was only 5 years old referred to him as “below average, manipulative, rude, and aggressive.”  In other words he was a very angry child.  The teacher also reported that Mateen constantly spoke of “violence and sex.”  Keep in mind he was only 5 years old at the time!

During a course of 7 years in school we was disciplined an astounding 31 times by school officials!  The most serious incident was when he was 14 years old and had a violent outburst in the middle of his math class.  Further, without any apparent provocation he attacked a fellow classmate repeatedly hitting him over the head.  As punishment the school ordered him to visit a prison as part of the Scared Straight Program.  Obviously, Mateen was a very angry 5 year old boy who grew up to be a very angry 14 year old boy and who, in turn, grew up to become a very angry and homicidal MAN who acted on his emotions with fatal results in the end.

There has been a lot of speculation about Mateen’s present wife Noor alleging that she drove him around to buy ammo for his AR-15 among other things.  There has also been speculation in the MSM that she had foreknowledge of the terror attack and did not alert authorities.  His former wife who now lives in Brazil said earlier this week that she was only married to Mateen for 3 months before she determined he “gay tendencies.”  Through a spokesman (her current boyfriend) she told reporters she thought Mateen was “gay.”  Mateen is now known to have frequented The Pulse nightclub in Orlando.  Former classmates at a local community college have alleged that he made homosexual passes at them and allegations have also been made that he tried to hook up with other men on gay dating sites.  Of course all of this behavior conflicts with his Muslim religion that teaches homosexuality is a “sin.”  Mateen was not only an angry man but he also was apparently a confused and conflicted man and dangerously so.

Texting his wife and asking if there were any news reports about his killing spree makes me think he was waiting for his 5 minutes of fame!  This is typical of a man who feels inadequate and worthless, sadly.  Such people crave attention.  ANY kind of attention even BAD attention.

I’ve seen a few reports alleging that his wife tried to talk him out of carrying out the massacre and if that is so then it means she had prior knowledge of the attacks and that makes her an accomplice.  So we’ll see how she fares when the police investigation is completed.

Omar Mateen was obviously an angry and aggressive child, adolescent, and man for decades.  Too bad that the warning signs were ignored or passed off because Orlando may have never happened had he gotten the mental health help he needed.  But, sadly this was not the case.  However, I might note there are a lot of young people with the same M.O. as Mateen and we’ve ignored and/or downplayed all of the warning signs in them too!  Yet, we are a selfish society bent on our own self satisfaction and egotism aren’t we?  Ah yes, we really can’t see or get passed ourselves!

Bottomeline is this.  America is in BIG TROUBLE and it’s been brewing for a long, long time.  Mateen was an American btw not an immigrant and there are plenty more like him all across this country just waiting to SNAP. The problems is NOT the weapons.  The PROBLEM is the mental health of these people.  The slaughter of 50 innocent people in Orlando was the end result of Mateen’s decades of inner rage, inner conflict, and feelings of inadequacy. I strongly suspect on all other of these similar shootings that M.O. is the SAME no matter who the shooter.  Mateen was a man raging inside.  He struck out and killed 50 people.  He just had to know if he was on the news during the rampage.  He swore himself to ISIS because he wanted to be SOMEBODY……ANYBODY.  He wanted to feel important or significant.  He wanted to feel powerful because I suspect inside he had known for decades he was power-less.  Add all this to a radical form of religion, in this case radical Islam, and this man was a ticking time bomb, literally.  Out children, our youth, our entire society is in REAL TROUBLE in this country and we’d better do something about it before ours becomes an existence right out of our most bizarre nightmares!!  Ignoring the warning signs and/or downplaying them is obviously NOT WORKING AMERICA!  And WE the innocent are paying the ultimate price just like all those people in Orlando and elsewhere where such shootings have taken place in the past.





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