Gay Protests at Baptist Church!

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I recently reported on the statements made by Baptist Pastor Roger Jimenez in Sacramento who made controversial statements soon after the mass shootings (TERRORISM) carried out last weekend in Orlando, Florida.  In his sermon last Sunday Jimenez referred to gay people as “pedophiles” and said after the slaughter that Orlando was a “safer place.”  Today about 1000 protesters showed up in front of his church, Verity Baptist, protesting his statements made last Sunday, carrying signs, and wavy Gay rainbow flags.  And the Pastor’s response?  Defiantly, he thanked reporters for all of the “free advertising” and noted that normally his congregation is about 200 but today it was 281.  Obviously, he has no regret over the discriminatory and highly insensitive statements he made last Sunday (which also appear on YouTube).  You can find my former report at:

protestsSadly, I have to say that this pastor is a preacher of hate!  And he is far, far from being alone as there are many “preachers of hate” all across America and beyond.  I liken them to the hate-filled mullahs and ayatollahs in Islam because although they are of different religions their message is the same.  And that message?  Judge others! Condemn others!  Hate others!  And they do just that even though their holy writ teaches that we are NOT to judge others but forgive and love!

But this is a larger issue that goes far, far beyond Jimenez and his congregation……..

Christianity is a dying religion IMO and you can thank all of the “hell-fire-brimstone” preachers for that because their message (sermons) have driven people away from the church and from God!  In fact, their message is most often one more linked to MONEY than anything else and, frankly, I’m not the only one to figure out that church today is about MONEY not about God.  Please someone tell me why God needs a bank account?

Yes I understand the church needs money to pay its bills BUT some ministries make hundreds of thousands and even millions per year in donations.  Their clergy ride high living in luxury even though the majority of their congregation lives paycheck to paycheck OR on less!  Sorry but that smacks of HYPOCRISY!  What about using that money to help people?  NO dice!  Money and church are actually pretty DISGUSTING in my book and don’t think you Catholics out there are innocent either!  When I see your clergy wearing golden robes and rings worth a mint giving a homily to poor people in poor nations (ie: Central America) I turn in disgust wondering why they don’t SELL that fancy jewelry and FEED THE POOR!

People all across this nation and world have seen the hypocrisy of the Christian Church for a long time.  We’ve sit and watched it grow.  What we’ve all been really wondering is this……….


Answer:  A resounding NO!  Jesus did not turn his back on anyone.  Yes he convicted some of their sin but he did so in a loving, non-condemning way and then he forgave them.  Jesus’ message was L-O-V-E not for some but for ALL people.  Why is that not the message of the Christian Church today?

When a person sins is that not a matter between that person and God?  Isn’t God the Judge?  Surely.  Then why does MAN stick his DIRTY nose in it all supplanting God as judge?

The hate-filled, hell/fire/brimstone, “prosperity gospel” that only serves to make the church RICH may appeal to some of the LOST sheep but it does NOT appeal to MOST.  And we wonder why Christendom is dying a slow death? It’s because what they do is NOT what Jesus would do at all, in fact.

Finally, Pastor Jimenez referring to gay people as “pedophiles” is a statement that smack of NO TRUTH WHATSOEVER.  It is an erroneous statement based on prejudice and hate not fact.  There is NO EVIDENCE whatsoever that gay people are pedophiles!  In fact, the overwhelming MAJORITY find it disgusting and WRONG to have sex with children just as much as straight people do!  To further misinformation and outright lies is NOT what ANY Pastor, Imam, Ayatollah, or any other clergy should be doing!  Setting the record straight and promoting the Message of JESUS (the Message of LOVE) is what EVERY Pastor should be doing!  Too bad most of them don’t catch on and preach THAT message that brings people together united under GOD.



3 responses to “Gay Protests at Baptist Church!

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    • I’m sure he is busy referring to people unlike him as “sons of Cain,” “sodomites,” “children of the Devil,” etc but I really think he should look in the mirror FIRST! Let’s see….what does the Good Book say? Oh yeah, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” IMO this preacher is just one more FALSE TEACHER that Christ warned us about in the Last Days and our churches are full of such!!

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