4 comments on “Hillary Clinton: Disabled Children are “f—ing ree-tards!”

    • Thanks again for the reblog Rifleman and vote for TRUMP. I’d much rather have someone in the WH whom I don’t like yet tells the truth and speaks his mind instead of someone who lies, lies, lies, and looks down her nose at all us hillbillies on Main Street 🙂

  1. Hillary Clinton secretly hates blacks. She always has. And the stupid African Americans or blacks, or BLM or whatever are so stupid, they just keep voting for her. She has kept them in slavery to her non stop endless promises for years and gave them NOTHING. LOL……way to go black democrats. You’re brilliant.

  2. Saw a report today that as 1st Lady she referred to the black workers at the WH using the N-word! Every Dem especially Blacks need to ask what the party has done for them lately. Answer: NOTHING! Get a frickin clue America!!

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