Hillary Clinton: Disabled Children are “f—ing ree-tards!”

According to Slick Willy’s former lover Dolly Kyle in her new book entitled “Hillary: The Other Woman” Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton once called disable children at an Easter egg hunt “f***ing ree-tards.”  And she also referred to JEWS as “k***s.”  And Slick Willy seems to have the same attitude as he once referred to the Rev Jesse Jackson as a “Goddamned “n***r.”  Hillary also once referred a Jew as a “f**king Jew bastard.”  But wait a minute….Slick Willy has had reported affairs with Black Women while Governor of Arkansas in Little Rock!  A prominent Black female reporter there openly bragged about her relationship with Slick Willy although it consisted of “only” indulging in “oral sex.”  Getting back to Hillary when she first moved to Arkansas, according to the book, she looked DOWN on the people of that state and viewed them as “ignorant hillbillies”!

Where do I even begin???????

TrumpObviously, Hillary Clinton doesn’t have any disabled people in her family because IF she did she would NOT be referring to such people as “f—-ing retards”!  If this comment is true then Hillary Clinton should NOT EVER be POTUS period!!  In fact, she should bow out and go hide herself in SHAME somewhere NEVER to be seen in public again.  I’ve heard before that she made this comment and I gave her the benefit of the doubt BUT I’m not doing that now!  This BITCH (and that is what many people who know her think of her) obviously doesn’t understand disabled people and doesn’t care to.  Hey HILLARY!  Disabled people can’t help their disability BITCHA!  Am I pissed off? You could say so!  I have some disabled people in my family and they are the most WONDERFUL people in the world.  I don’t judge them on their disability and I understand they can’t help it.  I LOVE them, I don’t hate or despise them!  IF her comment about disabled people is true then Hillary has no business being POTUS and if she gets elected I will NEVER support this BITCH on ANYTHING period!  I also heard that after she made this horrid comment she demanded to leave the Easter egg hunt ASAP because she couldn’t stand them.

As for her Hillbilly comment and looking down at her nose at the people of Arkansas……seems to me Hillary herself might be the real INBRED!  I’ve seen plenty of rich people just like her and they DO look down their nose at people who are not like them and not as rich as them.  Hillary has got the Saudi’s funding her presidential campaign and, frankly, I think the Saudi’s played a role in 9/11 and, really, I don’t want to see another POTUS holding hands with the King of Saudi Arabia at Camp David like Dumya Bush did after 9/11.  Hillary MIGHT think her MONEY makes her better than everyone else but I’ve got news for her.  IT DOESN’T!  She still shits in the toilet like everyone else!

And SLICK WILLY?  If his remarks about Jews and Blacks are true this man should have never been POTUS and certainly should NOT now be the “first ?????……..man?”.  Let us not forget as POTUS he instituted a criminal code that was geared towards jailing millions of young BLACK MEN who could not afford a lawyer and he set MANY of them in prison!  Slick Willy acted like a NAZI and his wife is likely of the SAME frame of mind!  Everyone thinks Trump is the Nazi but, frankly, I beg to differ!  Rev Jackson leaves much to be desired in my book BUT referring to him by the N-WORD is inappropriate period!  Seems Slick Willy has an inner conflict going on.  He uses the N-word yet he likes ORAL SEX with BLACK women IF what this books says is factual!  Well I guess they don’t call him SLICK WILLY for nothin’!!

All of this is pretty DISGUSTING in my opinion!  Neither of these two RACIST SEXIST CLOWNS have ANY business in the White House again leading our country!  But who do we vote for?  The lesser of two evils?  Well I’ve made up my mind after hearing this CRAP!  As much as I don’t like Donald Trump if the election were held today I’d cast my vote for him!!  I’d rather have an egotistical CLOWN in the Oval Office than the Clinton’s who are racist and sexist and prejudice CLOWNS!  If they go to and fro making comments about other people as reflected in this book then that’s pretty sad.  If factual then these comments show the TRUE COLORS of the Clinton’s and DON’T hand me this SHIT about Bill Clinton being America’s first “Black” president!  Hey Slick Willy is as white as white!!

If I discover these comments are true then I will NEVER support Hillary or Slick Willy on anything ever again.  Their alleged comments alone show the entire world just what kind of people they REALLY are.  But they play a good CON-GAME don’t they?  Let us NOT be fooled this time around America!

DON’T VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON!  Trump can be controlled by the GOP but Hillary is a loose canon all the way around, a BITCH, and likely NUTS-SO!







4 responses to “Hillary Clinton: Disabled Children are “f—ing ree-tards!”

    • Thanks again for the reblog Rifleman and vote for TRUMP. I’d much rather have someone in the WH whom I don’t like yet tells the truth and speaks his mind instead of someone who lies, lies, lies, and looks down her nose at all us hillbillies on Main Street 🙂

  1. Hillary Clinton secretly hates blacks. She always has. And the stupid African Americans or blacks, or BLM or whatever are so stupid, they just keep voting for her. She has kept them in slavery to her non stop endless promises for years and gave them NOTHING. LOL……way to go black democrats. You’re brilliant.

  2. Saw a report today that as 1st Lady she referred to the black workers at the WH using the N-word! Every Dem especially Blacks need to ask what the party has done for them lately. Answer: NOTHING! Get a frickin clue America!!

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