More REVELATIONS about the REAL Hillary Clinton!?

As if yesterday’s revelations about Hillary Clinton as told by a former lover of husband Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton were not enough today come revelations from a former US Secret Service Agent once assigned to President Clinton’s detail.  According to this source Hillary once flew into a “rage” and “threw” a BIBLE at the back of another Secret Service agents head!  And this source says this was NOT atypical of Hillary as she has a tendency to often fly into such rages.  Well…so much for the HOLY BOOK eh Hillary?  You might try reading it.  Might do you some good!

Gary Byrne is the source and former SS agent and he’s written a book like Slick Willy’s former lover has.  Byrne’s book will be out next week.  It is entitled “Crisis of Character.”  In the book he details how the Clinton’s operated during his assignment to them which lasted for 8 years in the 90s.  During 3 of those years his post was right outside of the doorway of the Oval Office in the WH.

The BIBLE Hillary through at one of the SS agents actually hit him in the back of the head and his response was to “bluntly” let her know that her behavior was inappropriate.  Byrne’s says that agents assigned to guard Hillary was a sort of “punishment” given them by a passive-aggressive management.  He also reports that Hillary’s fits of rage happened on a regular basis and increased in frequency the “more she felt at home in the WH.”  She reportedly “vented on everyone” and it all got worse as time went on.

Byrne’s also says that she told one agent to go f–k himself and another to “Go to Hell!”.  Seems she has a really fowl mouth doesn’t it?  She also apparently likes calling SS agents “assholes” and I sure they are thrilled of the possibility of the Clinton’s return to the WH for ACT 2 ———– not!  Byrne’s also says Hillary exploded in his face “without reservation or decorum.”

Hillary and her cohorts have reportedly been looking for ways to discredit Byrne  and undermine him and his forthcoming book.  Don’t think for a minute Byrne is some disgruntled former employee.  During his career he received many commendations even from Slick Willy himself.  He was also subpoenaed to testify in the Monica Lewinsky affair involving President Bill Clinton because he was regarded as knowing the Clinton’s very well.

Among other revelations is that SS agents caught Slick Willy having sex on the Oval Office desk.  I guess he just couldn’t keep his willy in his pants, no?  Of course, WH veterans are denying what Byrne says.  Byrne is preparing to do several TV interviews and Hillary and her cohorts are reportedly in overtime trying to make sure he doesn’t do any interviews.  Hmmmm……wonder how many TV networks owe Hillary a favor?  That’s the way our politics work today just like they work in the Mafia!  It should be interesting to see what else Byrne says in his book coming out next week.

So is Hillary unhinged?  What happens if she is POTUS and flies into one of these alleged rages?  Is this the kind of person we want leading our nation or do we want someone more level-headed and not prone to rages?  In one of her TV commercials Hillary says America needs to decide what kind of nation we are going to have.  I assume that also includes what kind of president we are going to have.  Personally, I think we need someone who is strong, determined, and in control of themselves.  Someone who will be levelheaded and not prone to flying into rages. And someone who will act with DIGNITY while in office and cut out all of the CLOWN stuff we’ve seen in recent administrations.  Somehow I just DON’T think Hillary fits that bill!!

What disturbs me most is that Hillary seems to have two faces.  One for public consumption and the other for private. Of course that is NOT unusual for public figures.  The general public rarely see the private face of any leader of any nation.  My concern centers around Hillary’s fits of rage that this former SS agent is alleging.  People often do stupid things in fits of rage.  In fact, people often do things while enraged that they later regret immensely and sadly by that time it’s too late for apologies or amend.  Many murders happen during fits of rage.  Many horrible physical assault happen during fits of rage.  Wars have been started during fits of rage!  Fits of rage can be dangerous and deadly as world history attests to far to often.

Hillary is a Corporatist but so is Trump!  All of us little people down here on Main Street really mean very little to either I’m sure.  Right now during the campaign season what we are really seeing is just one big ACT and SHOW. Candidates will say ANYTHING if it gets them votes!  We are NOT seeing the real Hillary or at least not the side of her that Byrne writes about in his book.  Of course, we aren’t seeing the real Trump either because, like I said, it’s all just one BIG SHOW for public consumption.  I don’t like Trump but what I’ve been finding out about Hillary in the past few days makes me not like her either.  Once again America’s vote is voting for the lesser of two evils and that is very sad because we shouldn’t have to vote that way.  One thing we can count on come November is America will end up with yet another Corporatist POTUS who is only remotely in touch with the American people.  A POTUS who will be controlled by the 1% who have 99% of the wealth in this country.  The days of the common man or common woman from Main Street getting elected are over.  The wealthy Corporatist have it all nicely sealed up an in the bag! And that’s just the way they want it because IF one of us common folk with little to no money every got elected POTUS it would like spell the end of the Corporatist.  They’ve now made sure that NEVER happens!

What sad times our nation is in!  What sad times our people are in!  We The People down on Main Street are hurting but, I fear, all of our cries fall on DEAF ears.  And so, in terms of the common folk who ARE the ones who built this nation, America is over.  It exists now ONLY for the wealthy and the Corporatist.  And how have we gotten to this point you ask?  The answer is simple.  It is because We The People failed to be vigilant!  We failed to carry out our civic duties and failed to even take those civic duties seriously.  Sad indeed………….




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