Clinton Gets BAD Endorsement!

Former US Treasury Secretary under Dumbya Bush 2, Hank Paulson has endorsed Hillary Clinton for POTUS. You might remember Paulson as he was the one who HELPED create the meltdown of the US economy and presided over the “bailouts” of his close friends (read: Sacking of the US Treasury!). He’s also the loser who tole Congress that if they didn’t immediately approve the bailouts there would be “Marshal Law” in the streets of America tomorrow! And, thus, Congress approved the bailouts WITHOUT even reading the bill which is typical of them.

Why has Paulson endorsed Clinton? He says because she is most likely to CUT MEDICARE AND SOCIAL SECURITY which he sees as top priorities to save the economy! Paulson is one of the elite globalists and Corporatist and he’s all about promoting the agenda of the NWO (New World Order) which people all over the planet are THANKFULLY starting to RISE UP against. And Clinton? Well IF you think she’s for the common man and woman (ie: YOU) THINK AGAIN! She is a globalist and Corporatist just like her friend Hank Paulson!!!

Now isn’t this ironic? The Democratic Party has turned upside down. It is the party that USED to be for the common people but now is for the RICH just like the GOP. So what the hell is the difference between the two???? America no longer has a two party system. In fact, what we now have is a ONE PARTY SYSTEM! That is NOT democracy folks! That’s called DICTATORSHIP!!

That’s about all I can say right now about Paulson other than the man makes me VOMIT! He’s a TRAITOR in my book and HILLARY MUST BE TOO!!!

Read more about this DISGUSTING endorsement at:


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