D-Day for Hillary!!…….NOT!

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is scheduled to meet with the FBI today over her emails while she was Secretary of State. Americans are sitting on pins and needles filled with anticipation that she might then be indicted and sent off to a federal prison somewhere BUT don’t hold your breath! The Democrats in the WH, on Capital Hill, and the Party itself are NOT about to allow Clinton to be indicted on anything. This is just one more drama filled OPERA designed by the Clinton’s and the administration to PLAY the American people as IDIOTS. Hillary and Slick Willy are once again playing We The People like fiddles and Trump is doing the SAME thing! The American political system has now gone beyond a 3 ring circus and is now in fact one big JOKE.

And indictment against Hillary would devastate all hopes for the Dems of winning come November and would have long-term ramifications for the Dem Party. In the end the FBI will find nothing save a few minor violations committed by one of Hillary’s underlings and all else will be nicely swept under that old dirty (filthy in fact) Washington carpet. And when it is all over the Dems will snicker once again about how they played the American people as FOOLS.

Rush Limbaugh hit the nail on the head in his below commentary. He’s absolutely right. Hillary is NOT going to be indicted period!

And We The People? WTF? We just sit by and let it all happen scratching our heads in amazement of how corrupt our government has become. And THAT is about all we do period! The USA if O-V-E-R! The USA of yesterday is NOT the USA of today and you can thank BOTH Republicans and Democrats for that. BOTH parties are corrupt beyond imagination. And here’s another thing. Our choices for the election are Hillary and the Donald? Seriously? And this is the best America can do? WTF?????????????  I guess more of We The People should have listened a bit closer to Senator Bernie Sanders because this is the exact kind of BULLSHIT he wants to put an end to!!!



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