Believe It or Not, Prophet Muhammad Promoted Women’s Rights

“Without Khadijah, a woman, Islam wouldn’t even exist!”

It’s time to wake up and tell the truth about Islam as founded under Mohammad. Of course, the same can be said for Christianity too under its founder Jesus of Nazareth!!

Dr. Craig Considine

Women’s rights. Those two words aren’t often associated with Prophet Muhammad or Islam, but they should be. Here’s why…

Anyone who wants to learn about Prophet Muhammad must learn about the women in his life. The Prophet led a community filled with active, independent and strong women. Khadijah, his first wife, was also his boss. Imagine that. Muhammad actually worked for her very successful caravan trading company. Khadijah even proposed to Muhammad and he accepted despite a significant age difference.

Khadijah was also an essential partner in Prophet Muhammad’s religious life. After receiving his first revelation from the angel Gabriel, Muhammad ran home to Khadijah in a panic. He was scared that he was losing his mind. Khadijah protected the Prophet during that difficult time. Eventually, she became the first person to recognize Muhammad’s prophecy. Without Khadijah, a woman, Islam wouldn’t even exist!

Karen Armstrong, one of my favorite scholars…

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