Clinton Indictment: Will she or won’t she?

Don’t hold your breath when it comes to expecting Hillary Clinton being indicted as likely you’ll turn blue before that happens! Thinking that she will be indicted is a bit of wishful thinking and that’s about all. For one thing Obama is not going to let that happen and neither is US Attorney General Lynch. If she were indicted it would ensure that the Dems don’t when the election and the Democratic Party along with Obama are not about to let that happen.

Personally, I think the lady is guilty as sin in connection with her emails during her tenure as Sec of State when it comes to sharing state secrets and if it were you or me we’d already be rotting in a federal prison somewhere. But Hillary and the rest aren’t under the laws that are imposed on We the COMMON People! The elites have their own special laws even though this is not “official.” This country has a double justice system and has for a long, long time now. One is for the rich and powerful elites and the other is for all us SERFS. Under the elitist justice system Hillary’s TREASON will simply be dismissed out of hand as if it were nothing at all. She knows it. Slick Willy her hubby knows it. Lynch knows it. Obama knows it. And the Democratic Party knows it. In fact, the only group that seems not to know it is the American People who continue to live in the fantasyland of “equal justice under the law.” Well America THAT is a CROCK of horse dung! It’s not what you do but who you are when it comes to “justice” in this nation today!!

Of course this Hillary affair has generated a lot of drama and hype complete with Lynche and Slick Willy meeting on the tarmac at the Phoenix Airport recently. And then yesterday was really hyped up as Hillary entered the FBI headquarters in DC to be “questioned” under oath. Ah yes! Drama! Mystery! ENTERTAINMENT designed and STAGED for the consumption of the America SERFS! It was just like your favorite Broadway whooo-dun–it! The butler?

Don’t think for a second that the elites don’t know how we common folk crave drama and entertainment. They do! And they hype everything up like one big stage play and get people sitting on the edge of their seats filled with anticipation. PROBLEM is nothing ever comes of it! There is no climax! And the elites walk away laughing their asses off saying, “See! I told you the American people were a bunch of dumbasses!”

Hillary is just as dirty as her honeybun Slick Willy! But, she has money and power and that ensures that she will never be indicted much less spend any time in jail or prison. IF she goes on to be our next POTUS I’m sure we will see more of her criminal activity in action and we will see her get away with it no matter what. I’m also sure we’ll see a lot of drama, mystery, and ENTERTAINMENT because when it comes to the Clinton’s and THEIR kind they know all about how to manipulate the American people and….. wellll…ENTERTAIN US!

Now comrades…..move along….nothing to see here!


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