Terror Attack in……Saudi Arabia?

Smoke rises from a fire caused by a suicide bomber in Medina, Saudi Arabia

Smoke rises from a fire caused by a suicide bomber in Medina, Saudi Arabia

I admit that in my mind I thought Saudi Arabia was the biggest financier of terrorism on the planet but today it was itself hit by terror attacks! Two suicide bombers targeted the Medina and Qatif Mosques killing 4 security guards near the burial site in the mosque in Medina. The other attack was directed at a Shia mosque in Qatif.

Medina is Islam’s second holiest city after Mecca. There were actually 3 terror attacks as there was also one in the city of Jeddah. Smoke from a fire billowed from outside the mosque in Medina where Islam’s founder, the Prophet Muhammad, is buried. In addition to killing 4 security guards the attack also injured 5 others when an explosive was detonated near them. The blast occurred just before the sunset prayers were scheduled to begin. Some in the crowd thought the sound was the traditional canon fire but when they felt the ground shake they became alarmed.

About the same time the attack in Medina took place another attack took place in the city of Qatif near a Shia mosque. A suicide bomber blew himself up there as well proving the attacks were coordinated. There were no injuries in this blast. People reported they could see the remains of the body and body parts in the business district from the TERRORIST. No group has claimed responsibility for the attacks as of yet.

In a third terror attack a suicide bomber blew himself up near the US Consulate in Jeddah. ISIS has carried out terror attacks in Saudi Arabia before. In October they claimed responsibility for a terror attack in Najran which killed one person near a Shia mosque. In August 2015 ISIS took responsibility for an attack inside a mosque in the headquarters of the Saudi Special Forces killing 15 people.




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