Rand Paul: Rule of Law Turned Upside Down!

banana republicSenator Rand Paul went off on Clinton today after hearing the FBI verdict that they will NOT pursue criminal charges against Hillary Clinton. Paul called the FBI’s decision “an outrage and the rule of law has been turned upside down.” He called the FBI’s decision “astounding” and said the decision “degrades Americans faith in the justice system.” You bet! And I might add it proves to everyone that this country has TWO justice systems. One for the rich elites and another for all of us poor SERFS!!

Hilary Clinton violated classified procedures numerous times while Sec of State under Obama and she recklessly endangered national security to the tune of at least 110 times as the FBI director said at least 110 of her emails violated the law. The FBI director seems to have been making excuses for Hillary but warned anyone else caught doing the same would suffer consequences! What an ASTONISHING ADMISSION to the world of our DOUBLE justice system!

The RNC stated that the decision was a “glaring indictment of Clinton’s complete lack of judgement, honesty, and preparedness to be our next Commander-in-Chief. And they are absolutely right!! As Sec of State her LACK of action, LACK of decision resulted in the murder of a sitting US Ambassador, Chris Stevens, in Libya. And then Clinton LIED to the American people and world stating the attack was the result of some video on YouTube that mocked Islam. Problem is no one ever heard of the video and it didn’t even have 50 hits until Clinton lied! Further, is was fully known that Steven’s murder was the end result of a TERROR ATTACK in Libya that had NOTHING to do with the video! The FACT is Clinton LIED!

Hillary Clinton has shown time and time again that she is NOT made up of the stuff to lead this nation. She is incompetent beyond belief and tends to go off into a rage for no real reason if the former Secret Service agent is to be believed. I would say that Hillary should now EXIT the presidential race in SHAME but SHE HAS NO SHAME! She obviously sees nothing wrong with our double justice system yet she PRETENDS to be an advocate for the American COMMON PEOPLE. She is NOT! Just as she is NOT the champion of women’s rights OR gay right’s like she likes to PRETEND she is and that fact is born out by the fact that she takes contributions from Saudi Arabia which is the most OPPRESSIVE nation on the planet to women and gays! Hillary Clinton, in short, IS A FRAUD!!

As the day has worn on since the FBI announcement this morning outrage over the decision not to prosecute Clinton has been building. Many are shocked that even though the FBI admits Clinton broke the law they are not going to recommend prosecution. Well, at least today exposed the DOUBLE justice system in this country and there should now be NO DOUBT in anyone’s mind that such a system is FACT not “conspiracy theory.” Finally, Clinton says she’s sorry and won’t do it again. Say what?!! Our prisons are full of people who have told judges and juries the same BUT they are in prison yet Clinton gets a free pass. Why? Because just as I’ve been saying she is one of the elitist Corporatist who cares nothing for YOU and is but a mere puppet of the global elites who run things today. And again….what a sad day for America and our people! Corruption, greed, and INJUSTICE beyond belief!!

TRUMP is RIGHT! The system IS RIGGED!!

BTW should you ever hear Hillary speak of the “rule of law” she should be laughed off the stage as OBVIOUSLY she is one of the people who have NO REGARD FOR THE RULE OF LAW WHATSOEVER!!




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