SHOCK!! (not): No charges for Crooked Hillary!!

FBI Director James Comey said his agency will NOT recommend any charges against Hillary Clinton even though there is evidence that she and her staff were extremely careless and at least 110 of Clinton’s emails contained CLASSIFIED INFORMATION at the time they were sent during her tenure as US Sec of State.

I guess that little meeting US Attorney General Loretta Lynch had with Slick Willy on the tarmac in Phoenix paid off, no? Not to mention that Hillary says if elected POTUS she’s keeping Lynch. Hmmmm……this is how the GAME is played.

Of course the Democratic Party is not about to let Clinton be indicted and neither is President Obama as such would ensure the Dems don’t win come November. Instead, as I said a few days ago, this will all now be nicely swept under that dirty old carpet and forgotten about.

GOP candidate Donald Trump said “The system is rigged.” He called the system unfair and tweeted, “As usual, bad judgment.” I guess “the Donald” didn’t get the memo about how things operate when the criminals are running things. Of course the system is rigged and people have gotten into trouble over things less than this but this only now serves to boost Hillary’s apparent thinking that she is above the law.

So as expected NO CHARGES will be filled against Hillary and she will now go about her merry way pretending she is a champion of women’s rights and gay rights (let’s not mention her foundation takes donations from Saudi Arabia who kills women and gays at a whim!).

Here’s my question: Since she has now gotten away with this and IF elected POTUS what else will she do thinking she can get away with it?  And once again we are shown that it doesn’t matter what you do it’s who you are and how much money you have!



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