RACE WAR Hits America!

NY PostA protest by Black Lives Matter in Dallas, TX turned into a bloody carnage yesterday as snipers shot 12 Dallas Police Officer killing 5. One suspect taken into custody said he planned to kill more cops and another said he wanted to kill white people. Three suspects have been arrested and the fourth one was killed by police. The demonstration began as a protest against two recent incidents of police shooting two black men, one in St Paul, MN and another in Louisiana earlier this week.

I understand this from two points of few. First, why are our police shooting to kill ANYONE OF ANY COLOR? Why not shoot them in the leg, arm, or tase them? I think some of our police are a bit too trigger happy! You can stop someone from reaching for a gun by shooting them in the leg or arm. It doesn’t have to be a kill shot! No one can help but notice that MOST of the suspects are black males. Sorry but that’s a FACT! I can’t help but wonder just how much racism exists in our police departments and the case in Dallas is somewhat perplexing as they have a BLACK police chief. And then there is the matter of hiring police……….

Ex-military USED to make good police officers but I’m NOT so sure that is the case anymore. Vets are being hired and, sadly, SOME of those vets have mental issues due to their service in Iraq and/or Afghanistan. Likely these people should have never been in the military as they weren’t cut out to be SOLDIERS. It takes a different kind of person to be a soldier ESPECIALLY in war! Some Americans just DON’T have what it takes to kill the enemy and forget about it or at least not let it bother them. War is UGLY BUSINESS! It’s not a video game or make-believe!! It is very real and very ugly. Horrible things are done in the midst of war that, sometimes, no human being in their right mind would ever think of doing. But, war has its own special place and rules and they do NOT conform to the rules of peace of civility.

The next thing I want to address is all of the growing hate in our nation especially along racial and political lines. This is a CLEAR sign that something is VERY WRONG in America! This is a clear sign that we are a nation in GROSS DECLINE bordering on the edge of anarchy and barbarism! We’ve seen this hate and anger grow across the country as the gap between rich and poor has consistently widened over the past decade at least. People do unthinkable things when they are hungry and/or have nothing.

Tensions along MANY LINES just not racial ones have been building in this nation for a long, long time now and we all knew that one day these tensions would explode in a very violent way. They exploded, in part, in Dallas, Texas yesterday. Instead of appeasing We The People (all of us no matter what our skin color) the powers that be have been appeasing themselves for decades now and this is the end result of that! No one wants to be enslaved! No one wants to be a serf! Everyone wants to be cared about and respected! No one wants to be discriminated against or hated! It doesn’t matter what the skin color is because the bottom line is we are all human beings and we all want these SAME things.

And then there is the matter of the current presidential campaign in what has shaped up to clearly be a race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. BOTH are Corporatist! Both have got more money than the average American will see in 4 lifetimes! They do not know anything about what it is like to struggle and do without. Both are out of touch with the people on Main Street! BOTH say what they think we want to hear and that’s about all. IF you think either one of these people are going to deliver on their campaign promises don’t hold your breath!

Trump is especially troubling to me due to some of his comments and some which have been clearly racial in tone! He has been endorsed by the KKK and Neo-Nazis BUT he has REJECTED their endorsements. However, they still endorse him because some of what he says is exactly what these racists hold valuable! I think the best thing that could happen right now is that BOTH Clinton and Trump remove themselves as candidates! This nation needs a UNIFIER not a divider and BOTH of these people are dividers! Between Clinton’s getting away with CRIMINAL activity this past week and Trump’s mouth both have DISGRACED themselves and IF they had any self pride they’d exist the race today! But THEY DON’T!

For many decades there has been an ugly undertone in this nation and it’s been boiling.  It is now exploding!  The Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s and LBJ’s Great Society plan only served to appeased the masses for a short time. His plan no longer appeases anyone!  The people of this nation were given enough to make them content for a short time but now something more is in order.  I’ve always known that the racial problem this nation has and has had never went away.  It became an undercurrent but it has ALWAYS been there boiling.

From another standpoint what happened in Dallas yesterday was clearly an act of DOMESTIC TERRORISM and there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind of that now.  We should also understand why Homeland Security’s greatest concern is DOMESTIC TERRORISM rather than al-Qaeda or ISIS!  The FACT is SOME people in this nation should NEVER have guns!  Not even a BB gun!!  The reason for the rush to buy assault weapons over the past few years by SOME people became clear yesterday.  They never had any intention of using them for hunting or target practice but to KILL PEOPLE and THAT should ALARM anyone with any common sense in this nation to the MAX! Oh but wait……COMMON SENSE is something this nation has lacked for a long time now!!  We have become a society that operates on their emotions without any restraint and THAT is ALWAYS DANGEROUS!  People who operate on their emotions have no self restraint.  They simply act on their impulses and think about it later if at all. We are a nation of spoiled rotten children!!  Why?  Because operating on emotion is how spoiled rotten children behave!!  Problem is such people are NOT children but ADULTS and that is INSANITY by every definition of the word!  But what did we expect?  We are a nation operating on emotions and hate, DRUGGED OUT, lazy, and self centered!  Did anyone really expect that the END OF OUR SOCIETY AND NATION would have a happy ending like in a fairytale?

Finally, I would have expected that by 2016 this nation would have overcome it’s RACE PROBLEM and it astounds me that INSTEAD of making progress to alleviate this problem we’ve actually gone back in time to all of the old ugly hate formed along the lines of skin color.  We LIE to ourselves thinking that we have evolved but the FACT is we have actually DE-EVOLVED!  We have gone from being a civilized people to being an uncivilized and BARBARIC people! It’s time we face TRUTH America!  It’s time we take a really close look at OURSELVES!  And it’s obviously HIGH TIME we DO something about ourselves!!!!  We are all people of RED blood!  That is the ONLY thing that should matter and we need to cut this SHIT about skin color!

This is MORE than a sad day for America.  This is a NIGHTMARISH day for America and for Americans of ALL SKIN COLORS and like the Dallas Police Chief who just happens to be a BLACK MAN said, “All I know is that this MUST STOP!”.  And a resounding YES!  This hate, this racism, this DISGUSTING behavior from Americans MUST STOP!!!!

BTW I think yesterday PROVED that any person of ANY color can be a RACIST!!  And btw let us NOT forget that the police officers gunned down yesterday like the two black men gunned down earlier this week were ALL HUMAN BEINGS PERIOD!!!



4 responses to “RACE WAR Hits America!

  1. Suspect #4, committed suicide.

    Dallas Chief, David Brown, is a Super Liberal. I expect him to make a public apology to the shooters and demonstrators. Kissy-Soft, policing, does not work.

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