Hillary Blames WHITES for Black Problems! Wait SHE’S WHITE!!

Now let me ask you something.  Why in the world would ANYONE take an advice from the now KNOWN LIAR and CRIMINAL Hillary Rodham Clinton?  Yet, she’s passing out HER advice like no tomorrow now that she’s gotten away with divulging classified info and endangering our national security to the tune of at least 110 times!

ClintonClinton used a CNN interview yesterday to spout her rhetoric (her words mean absolutely nothing in case you’re interested) to embrace Democrats CLAIMS that white people and cops must change to help reduce the number of Black Americans killed in tense exchanges with US Police.  Now grants and as I’ve been saying I think we have some cops that are a bit too trigger happy.  They could shoot suspects in the leg but instead the fire a kill shot. And I also think we have some cops fresh from combat that have some real mental health issues and, thus, should not be cops at all.

You can read more of Hillary’s words at the link below because frankly sense the FBI announced no charges, even though the FBI Director clearly pointed out clear CRIMINAL violations when she served as Sec of State, I just can’t stomach listening to her any longer. Suffice it to say that apparently Hillary has forgotten (conveniently) how it was HER HUSBAND Slick Willy Clinton who instituted “judicial reform” that RESULTED IN the IMPRISONMENT of COUNTLESS young Black Men!!  And now she wants to blame White People?  Well I have news for you…………

There’s no such thing as “White privilege” and if you are White and one of the working poor you know that first hand.  In fact, the ONLY WHITE GROUP that has WHITE PRIVILEGE are the RICH WHITES!  Anyone notice Hillary and her hubby are one of those RICH WHITES WITH WHITE PRIVILEGE?  And she wants to give advice to all the working poor white people???????  LMAO that’s like calling the kettle orange!

When it comes to black youth and police and taking for example the last two major shootings by police (one in Minnesota and the other in Louisiana) I think those cops would have used a taser in BOTH situations or shot the suspects in the leg or arm.  But to fire a kill shot and kill both?  That’s NOT right!  So SOME of our police have a problem and SOME shouldn’t even be police at all.  And one of the general problems is militarizing our police which has been being done by the Feds for a long while now.  And now Barry O wants to federalize them by having more federal “oversight” of local police?  Sorry but I DON’T think that is the answer!!  I think our police need to be taught the value of HUMAN LIFE and that means ANY human life of ANY skin color!  A wounding shot or taser would suffice in MOST cases and the kill shot ought to be RARE not common!

Hillary would like for you to either not know or to forget that it has been HER social class (RICH AND WHITE) that has been the primary class behind the oppression of Black Americans and all other minorities in this nation for decades now.  She’d like you to forget that it was her husband as POTUS that instituted “judicial reform” that resulted in more young black males ending up in prison than at any other time in US history!  She would like for you to THINK that all this is the fault of the poor white working poor people (which now makes up the majority of white Americans btw) and NOT her RICH class at all.  But the FACT is just the opposite!  All of the oppression and discrimination and criminalization has come from RICH WHITE AMERICA!  So who is she to give us ANY advice?  And who is she to PRETEND that she’s not rich at all but just your average white American working girl?  This woman wears a mask and sadly her mask is 100% transparent!  She should not fool anyone!  All she’s doing by making those comments yesterday is trying to GET VOTES and as soon as she’s elected POTUS she’ll forget all about the PLIGHT of Black Americans along with the plight of everyone else.  And here’s something else…..

It USED TO BE that the Democratic Party was for minorities and the working poor in this country but that IS NOT the case anymore!  They’re actually for their own little RICH and MOSTLY WHITE selves!  Let me ask you something.  WHAT HAS THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY DONE FOR YOU LATELY?  In the past 8 years what has a sitting Democratic POTUS done for Black America?  Other than Obamacare the resounding answer is NOTHING!  Why not? Because after he was elected as POTUS Barry O quickly forgot where he came from.  He quickly forgot Black America, minorities, and the working poor!  And the reason he quickly forgot us is because he is a CORPORATIST just like Hillary Clinton is!!!

I’m sorry but the most face-saving thing Hillary Clinton could do now is to STOP giving advice, STOP acting like she’s the great White savior, exit the presidential race, and go somewhere with Slick Willy, stay there, and never enter the public limelight again.  But, this woman has NO SHAME and the reason for that is that she is one of the RICH WHITES who have PERSECUTED BLACKS and all other minorities for DECADES now!  She knows it, Slick Willy knows it, and she’s hoping you don’t know it.  She’s betting on you being STUPID!

Barry O hasn’t done one thing to unite the people of this nation but he’s done several things via his rhetoric to RIP the people of this nation apart.  I thought he was going to be a great unifier when he was elected but as it turns out Barry O has become the GREAT DIVIDER.  And Clinton is his student and I guarantee you she will continue to do as he has. IF you think Hillary is going to help you, you are WRONG!

Hillary lives in a fantasyland.  She fancies herself a champion of WOMEN’S rights and GAY rights YET she has taken huge amounts of money (via the Clinton Foundation) from Saudi Arabia and that country is the WORST country on the planet when it comes to Women and Gays.  They kill women and gays frequently!!!  So how can Hillary claim to be the champion of women and gays when she takes money from the most OPPRESSIVE and MURDERING regime on the planet???  A REAL champion of gay, women, minority, or HUMAN RIGHTS would REJECT the Saudi money!!  But Hillary has NOT done that!!!  That makes her a LIAR AND HYPOCRITE!!!

Hillary Clinton has CLEARLY demonstrated that she CANNOT BE TRUSTED.  She lied to Congress!  She lied to the FBI!  And she’s STILL lying to We The People!  Right now she’s simply saying anything she thinks will get her votes, that’s all.  This RICH WHITE WOMAN is playing us for STUPID!  Get a clue America!

And Donald Trump?  I don’t like him either!  In fact as far as I’m concerned this upcoming election is offering us a 100% ZERO either way!  Neither one of these people if elected POTUS will UNITE us!  Each will only serve to DIVIDE us even more!  These two people are NOT the kind of LEADER this nation needs right now at all because what this nation needs is a REAL leader who desires to truly be the President of ALL of the American people and not just the rich White class!!  This nation desperately needs a leader who is going to be a UNIFIER and COLOR BLIND!!!  What this nation needs is a real leader who actually is going to give a shit about the working poor of all races instead of their own fortune!  A leader who STAND UP FOR EVERY AMERICAN and FIGHT FOR THEM.  A leader with the same ideology as the late HERO and GREAT STATESMAN Rev Dr Martin Luther King!!!!  But I don’t see anyone like him around….DO YOU?

Don’t let Hillary fool you.  The ONLY thing she’s going to talk to White America about is campaign donations, period.  Rich White America has been running things in this nation for decades now and THEY ARE THE REAL PROBLEM because they have been the ones preying not only on Black America but working and poor America of all colors!  Once again, Hillary is trying to wash her hands of the whole affair even though she is GUILTY AS SIN because she IS one of those Rich White Americans who have OPPRESSED the rest of us for a long, long time now!!







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