Mentally Ill Man Shot Dead by Police!

Police StateTucson, Arizona police shot and killed a mentally ill man they were conducting a welfare check on. The man was a mute but could hear and understand speech. Police were called to the residence by a family member who was worried about the welfare of 30 year old Abraham Smith. Police say a relative gave them a key to the residence and when they entered Smith came out of a back room with a knife refusing to follow their commands to stop and put the weapon down. Police and Smith ended up outside the residence and one officer, 4 year veteran Ryder Schrage, was backed up against a fence by Smith still coming at him with the knife. That’s when the officer shot him. Paramedics responded but Smith was dead at the scene. Tucson Police are conducting an internal investigation into the shooting.

So here is yet another example of American police firing a kill shot! Why was Smith not tased? Why was he not shot in the leg or arm? Why didn’t the officer shot the knife out of his hand? Why the kill shot???

You don’t need to kill a suspect usually. You can tase them or wound them! But our police in this country seem to go for the kill shot first and one wonders why? What is the problem?

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5 responses to “Mentally Ill Man Shot Dead by Police!

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  2. KNIFE. Knife attacks within twenty-one feet, open fire.
    Decades ago, I uses to, as any other cop would, disarm knives, by hand. We were told, “It’s only a damned knife. Handle it.”, while over the years, knife cultures, increased their populations within America to the point of a knife attack being somewhere in danger to law enforcement, based upon deaths, somewhere under the car stop.
    Deaf, dumb, blind, Mother Teresa, whether a person understands you or not, if they are coming at you or refuse to comply, you open fire.

  3. I understand what you’re saying Rifleman but I myself would have shot him in the leg or shot the knife out of his hand or something other than shoot him dead. I think with today’s agitation that is growing between civilians and police it might be a good idea to have officers shoot to wound instead shoot to kill or taser them. I read this morning that Houston Police shot another black man (who was armed and refused to obey their directives) so I’m sure this only adds to the growing anger. The way I see it right now we are fast-tracking back to the 1960s riots and, frankly, I don’t think we need to do that.

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