Obama, Federal Police, and No Division!

BY KEVIN LIPTAK Warsaw, Poland (CNN)Frankly acknowledging a “tough week” in the United States after anxious days of shootings and racial tensions, President Barack Obama said Saturday that he did not believe the United States was “as divided as some have suggested.” * “There is sorrow, there is anger, there is confusion about next steps,” […]


Barry O. has emerged from the cave on the golf course he’s been living in once again telling Poles that he wants more federal oversight of local police forces across the USA.  What he’s bucking for is to federalize all police!  Think GESTAPO, SS, etc!!  He also told Poles there is “no division” in America!  LOL you talk about out of touch and now we known where his compadre the CRIMINAL Hillary Clinton gets her “talking points” from.  Now….could he thought of a more appropriate place to talk about a Federal Police Force than Poland outside of Germany?  Ah yes, POLAND ….home of the NAZI DEATH CAMPS during WW2!!!!

SHAME on you Barry O!  Go back to your cave!

Also see:

Obama Exploits Dallas Police Murders to Federalize Local Law Enforcement



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