Who Runs America? It ain’t poor or working White People!!

Who REALLY runs this nation? Well it sure as hell isn’t poor or working White people! Take a look at the following stats:

1. America today has MORE wealth and income inequality than any major developed country on the planet.

2. The gap between RICH and everyone else in this country is WIDER than at any time since the 1920s!

3. The top 1/10th of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%.

4. An astounding 58% of all new income since the Wall Street crash has gone to the top 1%.

5. We have an overflow of millionaires and billionaires in this nation YET at the same time millions of not-rich Americans work longer hours and for LOWER wages!

6. America has one of the HIGHEST child poverty rates of any developed country on the planet!! And yet we are the richest nation on the planet?

These are pretty DISGUSTING statistics for a nation who prides itself for being the richest nation on earth and a fortress for social justice, equality, opportunity, freedom and democracy!!

And yet, these stats PROVE beyond doubt who is REALLY running things in this nation and who has been for MANY decades now. It’s time for a REALITY CHECK America! It’s time to identify the REAL OPPRESSORS in this nation!!

And solutions to all this:

Go to the following and read it….



2 responses to “Who Runs America? It ain’t poor or working White People!!

  1. Problem-o: Since Obama’s first term, every agency has been flooded with high income earning minority people. When compared with the elected group, what is found are similarities almost equal. Not white or black. Green (money), runs the nation. There is a saying in Freemasonry about the number “13”, which represents “M”, for Money. “He who controls the thirteen, controls a nation”. That means, money influences, all people running any nation. So the issue becomes, why do all the people running the nation, desire more and more, money? Nobody (except for some Midwest mayor a month or two ago) rolls back salary. Nobody refuses lobbyists money. Nobody refuses special interest money. When corporations become enmeshed with government, as we have seen since Bush (43), corporations will pay election campaigns and instill a puppet. It also answers the question of why the taxpayers in New York City, pay the NYPD, to be on guard with machine guns and tactic gear since 9/11, on Wall Street. Guess who runs the nation. As investments and banking seeks to stretch tentacles around the globe, the government gives foreign aid. Look at that. If the US taxpayers did not have that burden, no American would go hungry or not have completely free and full medical care, because what is collected in taxes, exceed the estimates four times. Same with wars. Corporations make money. Per, constitution, out military is only to defend from foreign invasion on our soil. Some mission creep.

  2. “When corporations become enmeshed with government…..”

    And that is Fascism (think Nazi). Benito Mussolini was asked to define Fascism and he answered by saying it is the marriage of the corporation and State. He later redefined his definition and said that this was Corporatism. Fascism and Corporatism are one in the same. They are the State hopping in bed with the Corporations. And remember this…..Hitler when speaking of the 4th Reich never said it would be in Germany. And just look at how many Nazi Criminals (“scientists”) we brought to the US after WW2 and our government kept it all secret for fear of an angry response by the American people. Talk about betrayal…….or was it a planned takeover?

    Thank you for your comments Rifleman 🙂

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