We Are Reaping What We’ve Sown!

commentary by The Fiery Evangelist…………

Fiery EvangelistI’m gone to tell you’ll something.  I’m a preacher of the Lord and the Word of God!  And I want to tell you’ll that the WORD of the LORD is for everybody be they black, red, yellow, white, or any shade in-between!!  Our Lord is color blind because He created us all no matter what color our skin is.  We are all supposed to be God’s People and the problem is many don’t know that today and that’s because long ago this nation began walking away from God Almighty and now what we are seeing is the beginnings of reaping what we have sown in this nation by turning away from God Almighty!!

Rev King said that he had a dream that one day his children and all people would be judged not on the color of their skin but on the content of their character.  Where is that day?  Why has that day not come?  It’s because in order to do that one must be close to the Lord.  The more we distance ourselves from Him, the more hate filled we become! When you draw close to God Almighty you begin to grow color blind because that is the way He molds you when you’ve accepted Jesus Christ into your life as Lord and Savior.  He makes you color blind like Him!  Praise the Lord!!

There’s an organization called “Black Lives Matter” and THEY DO MATTER but in reality ALL LIVES MATTER!! We are quickly becoming a barbaric nation and anarchy can now be seen on the horizon.  We have surpassed anything Sodom and Gomorrah could ever imagine!  America has become a Lost and Sinful nation because if we were a people still close to the Lord what we see going on today in America would NOT be going on.

Nations come and nations go.  Societies come and societies go.  But the WORD of the LORD is eternal and goes on forever!

When it comes to skin color or anything else the Christian today needs to see others through “God’s eyes.”  We need to know without doubt that our Lord created each and every one of us.  We need to know that He created us with different colors of skin but no matter what color ones skin it has NOTHING to do with being a child of the Lord Most High!  The Bible teaches us that “God is Love” and don’t you ever doubt that!  He IS Love!!  Our’s is not a God of hatred, selfishness, egotism, or greed.  Our’s is NOT a God who creates human life and devalues it to meaning nothing!  Life is precious!  ALL LIFE IS PRECIOUS!  I like what is said on this blog at times.  “We are all really only one color and that color is RED because we all have RED blood inside.”  And that makes us all human and worthy of respect and love.

Jesus came into the world not only to save our damned souls but to give us a pattern and example to be emulated in our own lives!  Did you hear that?  Read it again!!  Jesus never killed anyone in his life on this fallen rock in space! Jesus did not encourage nor teach hatred and division!  Jesus taught LOVE, respect, and unity!  If we truly have accepted Jesus Christ into our lives as our Lord and Savior then we are supposed to be doing as He did following His pattern and example because anything outside of His pattern and example is the pattern and example of the DEVIL!!

That old Devil likes nothing better than when we are divided and at each other’s throats.  That old Devil likes it when we fight against each other, kill each other, lie to each other, and hate each other!  That’s because that old Devil is The Destroyer and humans, YOU, are his enemy no matter what!!  I know some people who THINK they belong to the Devil and he loves them but the TRUTH is the Devil is unable to love because Love comes ONLY from God Almighty!  That old Devil doesn’t love any of us and, in fact, he doesn’t even like any of us.  When he gets into your life he deceives you into thinking the opposite because he is the Great Deceiver and the Great Liar!  And people fall for it and believe it until the day comes when that old Devil turns on them and it happens EVERY time.  Well if you follow that old Devil just what did you think was going to happen?  You can’t possibly be so stupid to have believed that he was really your friend and would never turn on you could you?

That old Devil is a smart and EVIL enemy!  That’s why the Word tells us to “put on the armor of the Lord.”  It’s so we can fight him, resist him, and protect ourselves from him.  One thing the Lord’s Word never does is say something that is meaningless!  EVERYTHING IN THE LORD’S WORD HAS MEANING FOR ALL TIMES!!  Did you catch that?  Read it again!  Let is sink in!

I fear that the Lord God Almighty has now CONVICTED America of her SINS!  I fear that the Lord God Almighty is bringing JUDGMENT on America and the rest of the world!  Look around you!  Chaos everywhere.  Growing anarchy.  Killings such as we have never seen!  Famine and poverty running rampant!  Hate and unbridled GREED all around us!  People are angry!  People want something better than this materialistic, self-centered world that MAN has created!  Don’t you think for a minute that the Lord created all this to be hate, greed, selfishness, and egotism! In fact all those things have been created by MAN in league with that old DEVIL!  And these things are all just the opposite of what God created OR intended!

When we give our lives to the Lord He teaches us love, compassion, sharing, forgiveness, and mercy.  These are the things of God!  These are the things you are supposed to be IF you really are a Christian and follower of Jesus Christ! If you don’t follow these things then guess what?  YOU’RE NOT A CHRISTIAN!!  If you are filled with hatred, racism, sexism, greed, and anger then YOU DON’T yet know the LORD!  Maybe it’s time a lot of us take a really close look within ourselves.  Maybe it’s time we evaluate ourselves to see just how well we do or don’t stand up to these things. I know these are harsh words but you need to hear them because we are in APOCALYPTIC TIMES and I want your soul to know the Lord Jesus Christ!!  I don’t want your soul lost to the eternal fires of HELL!!  Sometimes people need to hear harsh words because they don’t listen to soft words.  I think NOW is such a time!

Here’s some more harsh words for you’ll.

Barack Obama found out he couldn’t save us!  Hillary Clinton can’t save us!  Donald Trump can’t save us!!  That’s because ONLY Jesus Christ can save us!!!  Jesus is the ONLY one that can save our nation and our people!  That’s why it is now so important that we turn BACK to God!  If you really want this growing nightmare of humanity to STOP then there is only one solution and that is JESUS CHRIST!!

There was a time not so long ago when our nation and our people prospered.  In that time people were kind to others and reached out to help others instead of turning their back on them as we do today.  People used to leave their keys in the ignition of their cars all day and all night, every day, because no one thought of stealing them.  People used to never lock their doors be they home or not because no one thought about breaking into someone’s home and stealing or killing them.  Oh yes, there were a few criminals around who did do these things but their numbers were nowhere near what we see today.  People felt safe and parents didn’t have to worry about some DEMON molesting their children because in that time MOST of the people in this nation KNEW the Lord Jesus and had Him in their lives! And people used to GO TO CHURCH EVERY Sunday!  And some went to Church also every Wednesday night for Prayer Meeting!  Our Churches in this country were filled with the Faithful and some of them had to launch a quick expansion building program because people were standing outside at every Sunday service because there was no room inside to accommodate such numbers of people.  I remember one Church had to open the windows and all of the doors every Sunday morning so people could hear the Preacher!  And when that Preacher gave the invitation to turn your life over to Jesus as Lord and Savior people flocked to the podium in MASS!  Those preachers had their work cut out for them but today you’re lucky to even have ONE come forward!!

I don’t care if you believe me or not when I say JESUS IS THE ONLY ANSWER AND SAVIOR FOR AND OF AMERICA!  I don’t care because you’re going to find that out!  We are ALL going to find that out!!  The question is how long do we continue to bring HELL on earth instead of HEAVEN?  How much more civil unrest, crime, and perversion do we wish to see and experience before we turn BACK to the Lord?  How much more personal trauma do each of us wish to suffer and bring upon ourselves before we give our lives over to JESUS and accept Him as our Lord and Savior?  How much more America?

Dr King had a dream and it was a wonderful and glorious dream given him by the Lord.  But I have a NIGHTMARE! That nightmare is Americans at each others throats for even the slightest insult!  That nightmare is our nation turning into HELL ON EARTH!  That nightmare is humanity turning into BARBARIANS!  I have a nightmare and I DON’T want to see it happen!  That’s why I’m stepping up my preaching of the Word of the Lord because THAT is the ONLY thing that can and will SAVE America and the rest of the world NOW!!

We ARE reaping what we’ve sown by turning away from the Lord and that IS the absolute TRUTH!  Turn away from SIN and back to the Lord!!  GO TO CHURCH!  Accept Jesus as your own Lord and Savior!  Love instead of hate!  Get COLOR BLIND!! Forgive instead of trying to get even!  Share instead of take!  These are the things the Lord wants YOU to do!  And when you’ve accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior let me know so that I can REJOICE with you!!  And may the Lord bless you and may you come to know BEYOND ANY DOUBT His GREAT LOVE that surpasses ALL HUMAN UNDERSTANDING!





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