Bernie’s Betrayal !!!!

Bernie_2016Senator Bernie Sanders today threw his support behind the QUEEN OF WALL STREET Hillary Clinton in the name of “party unity” and asked his supporters to follow him in electing her the next POTUS. WTF? I thought he was going to carry his fight all of the way to the Dem Convention??? Apparently not! Thousands of fans of Sanders are now dumping him and the Democratic Party as they feel betrayed by Sanders and they DON’T like Hillary Clinton! Needless to say today Bernie Sanders lost a lot of support and so did the Dem Party as many now feel absolutely BETRAYED!!

Ironically, it appears Sanders sold out to one of the BIGGEST Corporatist on Wall Street! He betrayed the 99% in favor of the 1%!! I think he would have fared better had he simply exited the race and endorsed NO ONE rather than Clinton and apparently many of his FORMER fans feel the same way I do. I’m NOT voting for Clinton period!! I like many others will consider the Green Party or even Trump! Many on Twitter today were sounding the same feeling. Not only has Bernie lost but the Dem Party has LOST!

All of his talk about fighting against the 1% was just a bunch of BULLSHIT! All of his talk about Corporatism was just a bunch of BULLSHIT! All of his talk about Democratic Socialism and redistribution of income was just a bunch of BULLSHIT! Clinton isn’t going to adopt ANY of these positions because SHE IS A CORPORATIST and the Democratic Party is CLEARLY now controlled by Corporatist! It is a Party that has little difference with the Republican! It is a Party that NO LONGER ADVOCATES FOR THE WORKING POOR but for the RICH Corporatist! The Dem Party like Sanders has BETRAYED us! All of Sander’s talk about taking the fight to the convention floor was just a bunch of BULLSHIT!!

As one person on Twitter said, GOOD LUCK Bernie! I WON’T be following you to the Clinton camp nor the Democratic Party. In fact, Green looks much more in line with my desires.” Or as another said, “Over to the Trump camp I go after being betrayed by Sanders today.” Amen to both!!

And so….once again….the American Working Poor are STABBED IN THE BACK by SLICK POLITICIANS who do nothing but LIE and PLAY US like FOOLS! And where does this CRAP and BULLSHIT all stop? It doesn’t! It just keeps on and on and on for as long as We The People continue to listen to and believe the OUTRIGHT LIES of these politicians who are really SNAKES in the grass. And, in fact, that is where Sanders is now in my mind. Just another SNAKE in the grass!!


4 responses to “Bernie’s Betrayal !!!!

  1. What a disgusting thing! If anything, he should have not endorsed anyone. Now, he will always be Hillary’s bootlick. Shoes. Lick. Could be another “boot” she will make him lick (?), don’t know.

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