Govt Releases 9/11 Report Heavily Redacted!!

September 11, 2001, NEVER FORGET!!

[September 11, 2001, NEVER FORGET!!]

Let us recall that fine day at Camp David when former POTUS George Bush II was photographed walking down a forest-covered pathway with the King of Saudi Arabia arm and arm as if they were the very best of friends or perhaps lovers. They say a picture paints 1000 words and that pic told us everything we need to know and MORE about the US-Saudi relationship. And please recall this was AFTER the horrible TERRORIST attack 9/11.

Keeping that in the forefront of your mind you might not that today the US Government released 28 pages from the 9/11 report, heavily redacted of course, and that report SPECIFICALLY mentions SAUDI ARABIA being involved in the TERROR attack on NYC! The report was published by the House Intelligence Committee taken from a Congressional Joint Inquiry into the 9/11 Commission Report.

No less than 15 of the 19 TERRORISTS who carried out the TERRORIST attack on the World Trade Center in New York City were Saudi Arabians. Some of these TERRORISTS were in contact with and received support and assistance from individuals who might have been connected to the SAUDI GOVERNMENT. The FBI has said at least TWO of these TERRORISTS allegedly were Saudi Intelligence Officers!

There is also info that some of the TERRORISTS were associated with the SAUDI government in the US with ties to al-Qaeda and other TERRORIST groups! However, both the FBI and CIA at the time of the investigation claimed they had only “limited understanding” of the Saudi governments ties to terrorist elements. Seriously? Well please allow me to explain this connection to both the FBI and CIA. THE SAUDI GOVERNMENT FINANCES TERRORISM AROUND THE WORLD INCLUDING ISIS AND AL-QAEDA!! What in the hell is so hard about that to understand???

Reportedly, law enforcement officials in the US including the FBI and police stated to the Congressional Committee that their investigations were inhibited when it came to looking into the role of the Saudi government in 9/11. “The FBI was thwarted from interviewing the Saudis we wanted to interview BY THE WHITE HOUSE,” said former FBI agent Mark Rossini who added that the WHITE HOUSE “let them (the Saudis) off the hook.” Additionally, Fairfax County Police Lt. Roger Kelly said that the FBI would NOT field questions regarding Saudi Arabia and claimed that the FBI “covered their ears every time we mentioned the Saudis.”

Now keep in mind that today a mere 28 pages of this report were released. The full report consisting of 838 pages is still CLASSIFIED. It was ordered classified by none other than Bush II back in 2004. And as for the Obama Administration? The current administration is far too concerned about law suits than revealing the full truth about Saudi Arabia and that nation’s FINANCING OF TERRORISM AROUND THE WORLD!

Questions continue to go unanswered when it comes to Bush 2 WHITE HOUSE adviser Richard Clarke’s involvement in speedily getting Saudi officials and families out of the USA within hours after 9/11. Clarke ran the WH Crisis Team and he told the NY Times in 2003 that he agreed to the operation because the FBI assured him that the Saudis were not linked to TERRORISM. WTF? Hey! One of those families flown out of the USA shortly after 9/11 was the family of OSAMA BIN LADEN! So the FBI was assuring Clarke the bin Laden’s had no ties to terrorism?????

If you go to the source link below you can read the documents released today for yourself. Of course, this is NOT top news on the MSM because it doesn’t follow “the narrative.” But the attempted coup by the military in Turkey today does and so that is the top news today

Frankly, the 28 pages of the 838 pages tells me nothing surprising! Anyone with half a brain figured out real quick after 9/11 that it was a SAUDI ARABIAN TERROR ATTACK carried out by them on the US! But, yet, the US continues to protect the Saudis and act like they are our forever friend. Their actions, however, prove 100% that Saudi Arabia is NOT the friend of America and NEVER HAS BEEN!! The fact is that the Saudis have been involved in and financing TERRORISM for decades now. Don’t think for a second that terrorist groups appear out of nowhere with plenty of weapons, gas, and transportation. SOMEBODY gives them what they need and if you follow the trail you soon find out that, that “somebody” is none other than SAUDI ARABIA. So these 28 pages (heavily redacted) are just peanuts for the SERFS of America in hopes that we’ll SHUT UP and FORGET about 9/11. A few crumbs thrown from the elite table that’s all.

Personally, I’d like to know what the REAL RELATIONSHIP is with Saudi Arabia and it certainly is NOT oil as I just read a report a few days ago attesting to the FACT that the US now has more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia and the entire Mid East. Ahhh…….it must be MONEY then!!! And I wonder just exactly where does that Saudi MONEY TRAIL lead to??? Hmmmm…..let’s see….I/we know where part of that SAUDI MONEY TRAIL leads to. RIGHT TO HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON VIA THE CLINTON FOUNDATION!! The Saudis have given her giant sums of money in hopes she’s our next POTUS and, meanwhile, Hillary is running to and fro pretending like she supports Women’s Rights and Gay Rights EVEN THOUGH she takes the DIRTY MONEY OF THE SAUDI’S who SLAUGHTER WOMEN AND GAYS! Just how in the hell can she claim to be a champion of Women’s and Gay Rights and take money from the most OPPRESSIVE regime on the planet at the same time?

And I can’t help but wonder where the rest of that SAUDI MONEY TRAIL leads to but I have a sneaky idea 🙂


Gov’t Releases [Redacted] 28 Pages from 9/11 Report


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