Islam and Radical Islam: They are NOT one in the same!!

commentary by Imam Abbas Khan:

Yet another horrible and barbaric terror attack has taken place this time in France killing and wounding over 80 innocent people. Of course, the MSM is already hotly and heavily spinning this story to make it appear that this is “Islam” in action even though the MSM also claims to the contrary that Islam is a “religion of peace.” So which is it? Is Islam a “religion of peace” or is Islam terrorism?

One important thing is that the MSM doesn’t tell you that so called “radical Islam” is NOT Islam at all. In fact, what they are calling “radical Islam” is nothing more than a pack of wild DOGS! No True Muslim would even consider MURDER or SUICIDE because in the Qur’an both murder and suicide are SINS. The MSM needs to get their story and facts straight about what Islam is and what Islam is not.

Now I know what you are wondering and that is “why don’t Muslims stand up to these radicals?” That’s rather easy to say and rather difficult to do, unfortunately. One thing you must understand is that these “radical Muslim terrorists” have killed MORE MUSLIMS than anyone else and MOST mainstream Muslims are afraid of them out of fear of being killed themselves or having their families targeted by these psychotics. Also, these radicals are often difficult to identify unless they tell you what their beliefs are. So how do you propose we identify them and stand up to them?

The fact is that these radicals such as those belonging to ISIS are NOT Muslims at ll but INFIDELS! Take a look at Isis. They keep their fighters on drug! They murder people! They blow themselves up committing suicide! They kill women! They treat women as mere sex slaves! In fact, killing is about all ISIS does! IF they were True Muslims then they would do none of these things because they would know that the Qur’an speaks AGAINST all of these things and considers all of them to be SINS! The mere fact that ISIS engages in these sinful behaviors is PROOF that ISIS is NOT composed of True Muslims but of INFIDELS and APOSTATES!!

True Muslims do NOT support ISIS or their like and they most certainly do not belong to their group or any other such group. True Muslims honor human life because God created all life and therefore life is sacred. True Muslims have not only tolerance but respect for people of other faiths and other civilizations. True Muslims know that Islam, Christianity, and Judaism all worship the same and only One True God and that these three faiths have a long history of tolerance and cooperation.

For instance, when Muslims first entered into Syria they had no mosque. In Damascus they found Christians and Jews sharing a building that served as a Church on Sundays and a Synagogue on Saturdays. The Christians and Jews invited the Muslims to also share the building so on Fridays it was used as a Mosque. The Jews eventually built their own Synagogue and the Christians built a new cathedral and sold the building to the Muslims. Thus, this building became the first Islamic Mosque in Syria.

Here’s another example. When followers of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) were being chased across the desert by the Meccans they found refuge in Ethiopia. Ethiopia was a Christian Kingdom ruled by a Christian King. That king gave them asylum and when the Meccans demanded he hand the followers of the Prophet over to them so they could kill them the Christian king refused to do so! This is how the first Muslims came to live in Ethiopia and this is historical fact as is the story of the first Mosque in Syria. And there are MANY other such historical accounts!

Here is something else you must understand when it comes to True Muslims and terrorists. For decades now and even centuries the majority of Muslim nations in the Middle East have been ruled by despotic dictators who have persecuted the populations, terrorized them, killed them, and imprisoned them in cells where they would never see the light of day again. And the whole while these despots have been telling their people that all of their woes are the fault of the West and “Western Imperialism.” Why? Because these dictators want the spotlight off of themselves and on to a scapegoat! If the people ever found out that their woes were caused by their own dictators those governments would be overthrown immediately! And, frankly, that IS what needs to happen.

When you think of Muslims you tend to think of terrorists because that is how the MSM has molded public opinion and public perception but the MSM is WRONG! True Muslims and terrorists are NOT one in the same as True Muslims consider ALL terrorists of ANY faith or cause as INFIDELS!!

I want to end this with one other thing. Radicalism is ALWAYS at the extreme end of ANY spectrum! Radicalism is insane! There is no compromise or reasoning with ANY radical or radical ideology! When it comes to terrorists their sole goal is the spread TERROR! That’s why they call them “terrorists.” You cannot and should not reason with ANYONE who advocates terrorism because such people are psychotics forever lost in SIN and destined to burn in the hell-fires come the Judgment Day! Allah will make certain of that and for those who have already committed such sinful acts I assure you that they are NOT in Paradise but burn in the depths of the Hell-fires already!



3 responses to “Islam and Radical Islam: They are NOT one in the same!!

  1. Nobody can tell the difference so whose wife and children gets sacrificed first, to find out. THE MUSLIMS ALL HAVE THE SAME DISEASE, and they can turn rabid at any moment. Best to get rid of them all, and avoid harming any innocent ones, until a future point in time (approximately 3198 C.E.), when things are at a point where the world may possibly rethink taking a handful (two or three) into the nation and wait two centuries after that, until their families adjust and become Americans. Or, it could take longer than that.

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