The Gingrich Muslim Test!

Note: I’ll save Newt Gingrich the time by developing his desired test for all Muslims myself. Here’s some of the questions that might appear on such a test :

Do you believe in a Day of Judgment, salvation of the faithful, and condemnation of nonbelievers?

Do you have ANY Muslim blood in your ancestry?  (note:  your ancestry will be documented and verified by a professional genealogist).

Do you believe God’s Law trumps any and all laws made by human beings?

Do you believe nonbelievers should have restricted rights and/or should be imprisoned or executed because they are poison to human civilization as God wants it?

Do you believe women should be put back in the kitchen, barefoot, and pregnant and that they should simply be the servants of their husbands because they are inferior to man?

Do you believe all homosexuals or suspected homosexuals should be exterminated?

Do you believe homosexuality is a “sin”?

Do you believe that there is only One True God and that Only One True God is the one that you believe in?

Do you believe people of other faiths are “infidels” and should be exterminated or enslaved?

Do you believe in capital punishment?

Do you believe that if your children defy your rules you should have the God-given right to kill them (otherwise known as honor killings)?

Do you hold the belief that women and children are little less than property?  (be honest as you will be given a lie detector test at the end of this written test).

Do you believe God fully supports YOUR religion and no other?

Do you believe YOUR religion is the ONLY religion sanctioned by and created by God?

Do you believe in ONE God?

Do you believe that the reason the world today is in such a mess is due to nonbelievers running things?

Would you like to see humankind return to the days in which the Law of the Land was that found in YOUR religious writ?

Do you believe that it would be best for humanity if all nonbelievers were exterminated?

Do you hold the view that God created some races to be slaves?

Do you believe that as one of the “faithful” that you should have more rights and privileges in life than all nonbelievers?

Do you believe that YOUR religion should be the ONLY religion allowed?

Do you believe that YOUR religion should be the official State religion of YOUR government?

Do you hold the view that YOUR religion should be IMPOSED on all people?

Do you believe that sometimes “Holy War” is not only necessary but is mandated by God Himself?

Do you believe God is Male?

Do you believe that you should be allowed time off daily from work in order to pray as many times as you desire?

Do you believe that the Laws as set forth by the God you believe in should be the law of the nation you live in and all other nations?

Do you believe your God is the only right one and all others are fakes?

Do you believe courts should be under the rule of your clergymen and not secular government?

Do you believe that as a “true believer” that you have an obligation to your God to spread his teachings and rules?

If you had the chance would you attempt to impose your religious beliefs on others?

Do you believe in Heaven and Hell?

Do you believe people of your faith go to Heaven when they die while those not of your faith get to burn in Hell for Eternity?

Do you believe that your religion has the God-given right to evangelize the world no matter what?

Do you believe you can do anything you want, ask for forgiveness, and still go to Heaven when you die?

Do you believe sex outside of marriage is a sin?

Do you believe eating some foods or engaging in some sexual acts are sinful?

Do you hold the view that your religion is the only right religion and all other religions are wrong?

Do you believe in God?

Do you hold the belief that marriage is something strictly meant to be between a man and a woman?

Thank you for taking the “Muslim Test”  We may have additional questions for you if we suspect you MIGHT be a Muslim who supports Sharia (God’s Law)…….ANY GOD’S LAW!!.   🙂


IF you answered “yes” to any of the above questions you MIGHT be a Muslim and you MIGHT be a supporter of Sharia!  Ahhhh…..but you might not be a Muslim at all or you might be a fundamentalist Christian or Jew BUT that won’t matter because this test has exposed you as a radical Sharia-supporting Muslim and YOU WILL BE DEPORTED!!  (even though you were born in the USA and have never even been to a Muslim country)




3 responses to “The Gingrich Muslim Test!

  1. If I get deported, many are waiting as I am a direct descendant of a Roman general. Then I would have to tame Europe. I would rather get deported to Mexico, have some cerveza, enjoy a hecho-a-mano puro cigar, and watch the bullfights. I might enjoy the chicas scenery, also.

  2. 1, Muslims believe in judgment but they feel, like they can do anything and say anything getting away with what they say do and think. They think Allah will be merciful to me. They will see Lucifer after the second resurrection. That being will talk like Allah.
    3, The problem here is that they think Allah who brought mortality in all things is God. They think allah brought life but they are wrong. God’s laws are love whoever as yourself and bear one anothers burdens and love works no ill to your neighbour. The question should be. Do you see God’s laws as stated as being corrupted? They see those laws as corrupted saying the bible is corrupted. Ask is the bible corrupted to you? Reject anyone saying, yes.
    4,A Muslim would say yes saying it is Allah’s will.
    5, They would say yes and whipped upon their bed too.
    6,They would say yes.
    7, they would say yes being unaware that their body is fallen into sin seperated from God seeing God as fire in the condition it is in.
    8, They would say, yes with a proud look that God hates pointing up. Satan will be the one in them pointing up to God seeing God as fire. God’s spirit needs to be in us.
    9; They would say yes. Allah lies about faith being many belief systems.
    Devils are faithless. People who interpreted the meaning faith were not guided by the Holy Spirit. That made faith this belief or that belief. Devils beleave and tremble. They are filled with fear wanting to know when thier end is willing to believe a lie when a human thinks they have figured it out. Why would the saved need faith when they are rising up into the air to meet Jesus in the air seeing God as he is seeing the end of death? Thomas had faith reaching forward to thrust his hands into the wounds on Jesus. A fearful faithless Demon would have recoiled refusing to do that.
    10, Sharia is capital punishment for whatever. Mercy that they say Allah has is not in them to give meaning this; Allah has no mercy in him unable to give and mercy to anyone. Therefore Muslim cannot give mercy.
    11, Muslims love honor killings. The word Honor makes killing seem to be good.
    12, You are walking right into their deceptive trap when you ask do you believe in one God. Lucifer is one too. Ask: How can Allah be God when Allah does not talk like God in any bible? Allah has to be who then?
    13, Muslims will say yes pushing the barbaric Sharia.
    14,Muskims belief system has never changed from its death giving ways.
    15; Muslims would say yes. Satan did his best to exterminate the immortal stars God made. Allah did that. How are they not alike?
    16, Muslims would say yes. They believe in the lie of many races even when they believe in one God. That one being is a liar.
    17, Muslims will say yes seeking a vain thing.
    18, a Muslim would say yes. They have defiled religon in them. Undefiled religon is Jesus in us loving whoever as ourselves.
    19, Muslims impose whatever. Satan imposes whatever.
    20,They will say yes to holy war. The word Holy makes war seem to be good like putting Honor next to killing.
    21, they will say yes saying God is a male.
    22; They will say yes. They have false prayer like the scribes and pharisees. Both liked false public prayer. Jesus said pray in secret and pray without ceasing. That is the Holy spirit guiding you.
    23, They will say yes. Muslims laws are no, ban and forbidden. That is as far from God’s laws as the east is from the west.
    24, they will say yes.
    25,They will believe in Heaven and Hell. like the false rekigons believe. Hebrews 12:29 for our ” God is a consuming fire.”1 John 1:5 – This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. Exodus Malachi 4:3“And ye shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this, saith the LORD of hosts.” Luke 17:20-21King James Version (KJV)
    20 And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation:
    21 Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.
    That face makes the wicked to become ashes.

    26, Marriage is honorable but sex does happen before that ritual. A man humbled a woman. A person saw them. The woman did not complain to the man that saw them. The man gave the father some money. They were married.
    27. They will think all things are sinful including the eating of pork. Colossians 2:16 – Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in
    respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days: 1 Timothy 4:4: For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving:

    28, A Muslim will say yes.

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