98 Years Ago: A Human Nightmare Began

The Russian Imperial Family of Tsar Nicholas II

The Russian Imperial Family of Tsar Nicholas II

Today marks the 98th anniversary of the murders of the Russian Tsar Nicholas II and his family in Russia during the Soviet takeover led by Vladimir Lenin. This horrendous act carried out by Lenin’s Bolsheviks on his orders happened on 17 July 1917 in a small town known as Ekaterinburg (also known as Yekaterinburg).

The “last Russian tsar” Nicholas II along with his German wife Alexandra, their four daughters Olga, Maria, Anastasia, and Tatiana and the heir apparent the Tsarevich Aleksei were all shot dead by the Bolsheviks who had imprisoned them. Along with the imperial family four servants were also killed. They were the Tsar’s personal physician Dr Eugene Botkin, Anna Demidova, Alexei Trupp, and Ivan Kharitonov all whom chose to accompany the Tsar and his family to their deaths.

But the slaughter didn’t end there as Lenin was a killer with a capital “K.” The following day at Alapaevsk he ordered more Romanov blood spilled by his thugs and criminals. These victims included the Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna, Grand Duke Sergei Mikhailovich, the Princes Ioann Konstantinovich, Konstantin, Igor, and Vladimir Pavlovich Paley. Additionally, Varvara Yakovleva who was a sister (nun) from the Grand Duchess’ convent was also brutally murdered having been thrown down an abandoned mineshaft by the Bolsheviks.

The wholesale slaughter of the Russian imperial family was followed by what is known as the “Red Terror.” This reign of murder was unleashed by Lenin and Josef Stalin his successor over the course of the next 70 years! The Red Terror resulted in the killing of millions of innocent people and the outright persecution of the Russian Orthodox Church.

With the slaughter of the Russian Imperial Family there began a long reign of persecution, suppression, and, of course, more murders. The Soviet regime was notorious to say the least. The Russian people became an enslaved people, basically, with few actual human rights. The Bolsheviks and later the Soviets had little regard for human life. Many people “disappeared” never to be seen again and many more were simply slaughtered as if they were animals in a slaughterhouse! Others were imprisoned for life for the slightest infraction and Lenin along with Stalin didn’t have prisons that were akin to hotels. These were real prisons, gulags! Small dark and often damp cells in which human beings were caged often for life. And the food was often so poor that many of these political prisoners suffered from malnutrition. And medical care? Out of the question!

The Soviet regime began with gallons of human blood on its hands. The whole time this regime held power in Russia and the Eastern Bloc of Europe this mad regime only collected more human blood on its hands! The fall of the Soviet Union was one of the greatest and best things to ever happen to humanity! But, all of this should serve as both a warning and reminder of just how oppressive these kinds of regimes really are. No nation, no people, should ever have to endure such as this again! People are human beings not animals and we need to keep that in mind. Each is deserving of basic respect and basic human rights no matter what.  With the fall of the Soviet Union this nightmare came to an end, thankfully.  But, let us not forget it and let us learn from it so that nothing like it ever happens again anywhere!!

For some excellent information on Imperial Russia I suggest a fantastic website and blog entitled “Royal Russia” by Paul Gilbert which you can find at the link below.



3 responses to “98 Years Ago: A Human Nightmare Began

    • Thank you for the reblog Rifleman III. The killings were horrible and Lenin/Stalin also killed scores of common folks too. And then there is all those decades of persecution of the Russian people by the Soviets! Good reminder of just how cruel and evil humans can really be.

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