No Lives Matter?

Baton Rouge, LA Police Officer Montrell Jackson

Baton Rouge, LA Police Officer Montrell Jackson

There’s a story appearing in the Washington Post by Theresa Vargas on comments made by Joycelyn Jackson the sister of slain Baton Rouge police officer Montrell Jackson. Jackson was one of 3 officers gunned down by a Black assassin. Jackson was also Black.

One of the things Joycelyn Jackson says in the WP article is that things are coming to the point where “no lives matter.” And she reminds people that God doesn’t give anyone the right to kill another person and those who do will face Hell in Judgment.

I agree with Ms Jackson, however, I think American society is already at the point to which no lives matter! As a nation and people we’ve lost our moral compass and values. We’ve learned through various means that human life means nothing and all this STRONGLY indicates that America is on the FAST TRACK from civilization to anarchy and barbarism. America has fallen and even more sad than that is the American people have fallen. And where does it all end? In a blaze of not-so-wonderful-glory?

No matter what our beef is against someone it is NEVER the right thing to do to kill another human being!! You can attempt to justify and rationalize it in your own mind but there is no justification for doing such a horrendous thing. There are plenty of other ways to bring about change and killing cops or anyone else is NOT one of those ways! All that does is galvanize public opinion against you and your cause whatever it is. IF people truly want change then they should seek change with patience, intelligence, integrity, and persistence. People listen to people who promote change this way. People DO NOT listen to those who attempt to make change via MURDER! In fact, MOST people just turn their ears off to killers.

No lives matter? I hope we are not to that point yet but I fear we are. Sadly, the TRUTH is ALL LIVES MATTER!!!



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