The Benghazi Haunting of Hillary Clinton…a mom rips her a new one!

Pat SmithSpeaking at tonight’s opening of the National Republican Convention Pat Smith told the crowd of over 2000 delegates that she blames Hillary Clinton PERSONALLY for the death of her son, Sean, who was serving at the US Embassy in Benghazi, Libya. Sean was one of four men who were killed during the attack on the embassy on 11 September 2012 along with sitting US Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Pat Smith’s speech was interrupted numerous times by applause and cheers. “The last time I talked to Sean,” she told the delegates, “the night before the TERRORIST attack, he told me, Mom I am going to die.” She then went on to tell the delegates how Sean told her in that same conversation that the reason he thought he was going to die was because, “All security had been pulled from the embassy” and that when he asked his superiors why he never got a response! “Nobody listened. Nobody seemed to care,” she said her son told her.

Smith went on to tell the audience, “She [Hillary Clinton] lied to me! And then (she) called me a liar!”. Smith has criticized Clinton in the past and she hasn’t let up. Back in March during a television interview she told reporters that there was a “special place in hell” for people like Hillary Clinton. At the opening of the GOP convention tonight Smith told delegates that Donald Trump is “….everything Hillary Clinton is not!”. She described Trump as strong, blunt, and direct.

Now allow me to refresh your memory about the Benghazi Affair a bit 🙂

Back in September 2012 we were told that some obscure video on YouTube mocking the Muslim prophet Mohammad had inflamed demonstrators who then rioted, set the US embassy on fire, and killed 4 officials there including Ambassador Stevens and Sean Smith. At least that is what HILLARY CLINTON told us as the sitting US Secretary of State. However, that obscure video barely had 50 hits up until the time Clinton identified the video! Of course following Clinton’s announcement it got more hits.

We were assured by the Clinton/Obama State Dept that the attack on the US Ambassador was NOT a TERRORIST attack but a mere demonstration that got out of hand. However, as we all now know this was not exactly the truth of the matter either. The end result was 4 Americans dead including Stevens and Smith by a TERRORIST ATTACK!!! You will also recall that following this affair then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton RESIGNED!!

So the question has always been WHY DID HILLARY CLINTON LIE to the world about what actually had transpired in Benghazi that fateful night of 11 Sept 2012 (the 11th anniversary of 9/11 btw)? Why did she insist it was not a terror attack but only an out of hand demonstration inflamed by some OBSCURE VIDEO no one had ever heard of much less seen!!

And then there is the question as to WHY US forces were ordered to stand down during the attack even though those forces have admitted that they were willing and ready to intervene and save the lives of Stevens, Smith, and the others? And then there is the question raised by Sean Smith, son of Pat Smith and that is:


Just WHO ORDERED the removal of security? And WHO in their right mind in a place as dangerous and volatile as Libya following the ouster of Qaddafi wouldn’t care about removal of security?

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was NOT on TOP OF THIS CRISIS and IF elected POTUS will she show the SAME irresponsibility? It seems she has a pattern of irresponsibility in fact! I think Pat Smith summed it up pretty well tonight when she told the GOP delegates:

“If Hillary Clinton can’t give us the truth [about Benghazi].


And YES indeed why should we America???  Additionally, I read not long ago Clinton made some comment about it’s time to move on and basically forget Benghazi.  Well I’m sure that is what she’d like us to do BUT NOT UNTIL WE GET THE TRUTH OUT OF HER.  Fact is she SCREWED UP and if POTUS how badly will she SCREW THAT UP??


To hear Smith’s speech go to:


2 responses to “The Benghazi Haunting of Hillary Clinton…a mom rips her a new one!

  1. Reblogged this on Rifleman III Journal and commented:
    Gun Running via Benghazi. That, is what the entire mess was. All the gun control politicians, involved. Whether or not Ambassador Stephens was gay is beside the issue and pale in comparison where the fact remains, a United States Ambassador was brutally tortured, raped, and murdered. Hillary and, Obama, are at the hub.

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