US Backed Rebels Behead 11 Year Old Boy!!

Is the beheading of children a part of the US backed war in Syria for freedom and democracy? This became the question today as video emerged of US backed “rebels” (read “terrorists) in Syria graphically showing the beheading an 11 year old boy. The Neanderthal throwbacks who carried out this EVIL act claimed that the boy was a fighter for an enemy faction.

When the US government became aware of the video today US State Dept spokesman Mark Toner said in a press briefing that if this video was true it would give cause for a “pause” in US affiliation or cooperation with this “rebel” group fighting Syrian President Assad’s regime.

Frankly, this is nothing short of DISGUSTING, VULGAR, AND EVIL!! And these are the THROWBACK DEGENERATES the US is backing militarily and financially in Syria? One more example of Obama’s “foreign policy” which has been nothing short of laughable since day one!

See the story at:

Beheading of 12-Year-Old Boy by US-Backed ‘Moderate Rebels’ Sparks Outrage


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