FLASH!! Gangs Plan to Attack Police Across USA!!!

The US Justice Dept has issued an URGENT WARNING to police across the nation this evening warning them that gangs across the nation are putting together a plan to attack police in a Dallas-style attack.

Just recently a gang leader in Chicago called for the murder of a Federal Agent believing that by killing a Federal Agent his gang could get more attention than killing a local cop. In addition, the United Blood Nation gang has been promoting violence against police promising to increase status in the gang for those members who kill a police officer.

Some analysts now fear that the main threat is no longer the “lone wolf” but an organized group ambushing and killing police. This, IMO, is nothing less than Domestic Terrorism but I’m sure the Obama Admin and the Clinton Camp WON’T use that term as it is no politically correct even though it is the TRUTH!

This needs to be STOPPED before it all gets out of hand. I guess we now know where most of those guns went when it was announced not so long ago that gun sales were at an all time high. These people weren’t buying them to go hunting or to protect their homes! It is important to realize that our police are NOT the enemy. They are people with families and loved ones just like the rest of us. And like the rest of us they go to work everyday and plan on returning home everyday.

In thinking about this horrendous thing I now see clearly that this is where all of our LIE-beralism has gotten this nation. I now see where all of the drug use has gotten this nation! It’s all put us right in the bowels of Hell itself!! Killing cops is NOT the answer to ANYTHING!!! If anyone wants change then this nation has a civilized process for making that change happen. Killing someone is NOT that way! America is QUICKLY sliding into BARBARISM and that is BAD NEWS for ALL of use no matter what our skin color, religion, gender, or anything else. In barbarism and anarchy WE ALL LOSE! There will be NO winners. We need to respect our police because all of us have times when we need them. YES there are SOME bad apples and those bad apples must be weeded out and FIRED. Every one of our police departments needs to take a real close look at the officers they’ve hired and replace those who do not meet proper and professional standards. If they are too quick to pull the trigger then they need to go! We expect our police to be professional and respectful of human life YET we do NOT expect them to take unnecessary chances with their own lives either or the lives they are protecting. It’s time Americans return to Law & Order because the alternative is anarchy and barbarism and NONE of us truly want to live in a society like that.




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