Hillary Up To Her Old Tricks Again???

ClintonTwenty-one Democrats in Vermont have filed a complaint on behalf of two Vermont male delegates to the Democratic National Convention that starts next week. The complaint alleges that the DNC demanded two male delegates be replaced by 2 female delegates in the name of “gender balance” EVEN though the 2 male delegates were ELECTED June 11th!! The complaint alleges the 2 male delegates were replaced without due process.

The two Vermont male delegates are Senator Tim Ashe and Ken Dean. Vermont Democrat Party Exec Director Conor Casey told reporters today that the state party was simply following requirements of the DNC. Of course,, the DNC has not responded to the complaint. Ironically, Dean, Ashe, and the 2 female delegates support Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

So what has happened here? The electorate has been bypassed and the DNC via the state party has ignored the duly elected delegates and ordered them replaced by 2 female delegates. And that is just the kind of BULLSHIT that goes on in places like Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia because the electoral process meant absolutely NOTHING! Why are we allowing the DNC to dictate and override the electoral process? And I’m sure the replacements are something Hillary Clinton wanted. She isn’t even in the WH yet (and hopefully never will be) and she’s already playing little dictator! And that’s not all……………

Philadelphia Police and upset with Clinton over her inviting families of victims killed by police to speak at the DNC next week in Philadelphia. They also are upset because Clinton has not invited even one family of one slain police officer to speak at the DNC. Now wouldn’t that be “balance”? Ah, but alas, their is NO real balance when it comes to the criminal Hillary Clinton and Company! However, there is a lot of lopsidedness! Here’s the deal….Hillary Clinton is about APPEARANCES ONLY just as if Barack Obama. Her and her kind are all about “do as I say not as I do.” Frankly, I’m beginning to think Hillary Clinton just might be a BIGOT and MAN HATER!! And it starting to look like she’s a POLICE HATER too! Has anyone heard her express any remorse over slain cops???

And you didn’t really think that’s all did you? Here’s more………………

The DNC Hose Committee has asked a court to keep secret the Clinton donor list!! That is until AFTER the convention in Philadelphia next week. But, this is in spite of a state open records agency ordering the DNC to make public that donor list.

The claimed reason for keeping donor records secret according to DNC lawyers is the fear that revealing it may hurt last minute efforts to seek further donations and negotiate vendor contracts. WTF? No…no I think it might reveal just who is REALLY backing Hillary Clinton and I’m sure one of those BIG DONORS is none other than SAUDI ARABIA the most BARBARIC, women hating, gay hating, hypocritical nation on the planet!! You see, Hillary has been trying to play herself as a “defender” of women’s and gay rights but she’s been getting campaign donations from the most ruthless anti-woman, anti-gay regime on the planet (ie: Saudi Arabia). So how can a “defender” of women and gay rights accept money from a nation like Saudi Arabia???

Now you should NOT be surprised by any of this UNDERHANDED dealing because this is the PC machine in action and Hillary Clinton personifies Political Correctness which denies reality and prefers FANTASY! And btw do you know who came up with the original PC bullshit? Why it was none other than Soviet Leader JOSEF STALIN! Trump might be the “American Hitler” but Hillary is the “American Stalin” and frankly I don’t know which one is WORSE!!






2 responses to “Hillary Up To Her Old Tricks Again???

  1. Odd that no one brought up the complexity of spontaneous campaign stops, etc. while trailing an entourage of secret service to schedule to accompany her on campaign stops, etc, a limitation Trump used as advantage saying she was home sleeping.

    The number of details uncovered by media, or her campaign, was striking, and worked to her detriment in the end.

    Surely America can do better at administrative tasks to match administrative expectations. Meanwhile, besides seeing Hillary as a nemesis, she has chosen to remain silent as if she was a bird shot from the sky, leaving Trump to interpret the world for citizens. With friendship like this, who needs enemies?

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