Black Trump Supporter RIPS INTO CNN!!!

This is great and I’m glad to hear a Black American RIP the MSM a new A-hole! CNN whom I prefer to call the “Communist News Network” as been trying to start a race war for a long, long time now, They have no integrity in their reporting and, hell, they don’t even see themselves as journalists but as “social engineers” in my estimation! They seriously need to just report the news and STOP trying to MANIPULATE public perception and opinion! They aren’t “social engineers” because what they really are, are SOCIAL MANIPULATORS! Screw You CNN! Can’t stand ya!!

Maybe this man should be POTUS!!

Maybe this man should be POTUS!!

The man not only rips CNN but Black Lives Matter along with Hillary and Bill Clinton whom he outright calls “traitors to this country!” AMEN! When this CNN interview suddenly went awry the reporter was also approached by a Hispanic and White man who joined the Black American in RIPPING CNN a new A-hole LMAO. And the poor reporter’s excuse? “I was just doing my job”. Ahhh…rightttt. Funny we heard the SAME THING from all those little NAZI BASTARDS in Germany at the end of WW2 when they were put on trial for the demonic mass killings they carried out in the Concentration Camps. “Just doing my job”……MY ASS!!!


Go to the following link and be sure to watch the video of the interview………

Black Trump Supporter Derails CNN Interview, Calls Out Race Baiting



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