5 comments on “North Miami: Cop Shots Black Therapist….”accidentally”

  1. Tactics vary, with demands of the population and their concerns.
    When it is looked at, we do not know what the actual determination of the officer to utilized deadly physical force. Technically, if the lawful order of “Don’t Move!”, is given and a suspect refuses to comply, then justification is given. A potential threat to the officers and the public is presumed.

    Notice, since killings of cops, now we see a disconnect of police to the communities. With ambushings of cops, less leeway is given.

    In the Good Old Days… We used to disarm knife wielding suspects by hand. We were told, “It’s only a knife. Handle it.”, but then the 21-Foot rule came into play where inside of an estimated 21 feet, you open fire. The situation of the therapy worker shot, an Old School cop, would have made him roll onto his stomach, cross his ankles and lock his fingers behind his head. That takes him out of the picture, while two officers cover the sitting suspect and one officer would approach if deemed safe, no vest or wires or gun within immediate reach, then give the sitting suspect an Infantry Kick, knocking him down and handcuffed. Then the one on his stomach would be handcuffed. But too much, has gotten into the mix. Attorneys. Administrators. Politics. Whining people. Somewhere along the line, things, “Changed”. Now cops are backing off from the people they are supposed to be protecting, because only troublemakers are shouting, demonstrating, and killing cops. Taser would have been too much if the police noticed the subject was mentally ill, but who is to say, unless they had previous contact, that the subject was not feigning? That is why, two cops cover with service weapons, one cop should approach to kick, causing a black-and-blue, but not tasing or killing. The episode may qualify as an unintended consequence of BLM and NOI, causing trouble and death.

    Nobody is happy with the incident. I am not pleased with it, but understand, fear presumed, by the officer, may possibly be a determining factor. The therapist shout it was only a toy, means nothing. Especially in an ambush situation scenario. Cops need to get back to basics and that includes, handling BLM and NOI as it should be done, and not politically correct.

    • We have seen the militarization of our police in recent years. Your neighborhood cop is not the neighborhood cop of 30 years ago. One one hand I understand this militarization as the public now has assault weapons, etc yet on the other hand I think we need to go back to community/neighborhood policing. But, would that endanger our police and the public in light of recent police shootings and ambushes?

      There’s an old wisdom that says something like “When people are governed from within themselves by appropriate morals and values there is need for FEW laws. But when people are not governed from within and lack proper morals and values there is a need for MANY laws.” America today fits nicely into the later category unfortunately. And here’s something else…..

      I’ve been warning people for years now about parents allowing their children’s “heroes and roll models” to be thugs and gangsters. I’ve warned people that the day will come when they will act out in the thug/gangster fashion and then all hell will break loose in our streets and no one will be safe. What we are seeing growing today in America is EXACTLY what I’ve been warning about! What in the hell did we expect the end result of holding gangsters as our role models would be????

      Thank you for you comments Rifleman III 🙂

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