HILLARY LIVE!! Her Biggest Night! SHOW OF SHOWS!!!

It’s guaranteed to be the biggest SHOW you’ve seen in a long time so GET READY!  It’s HILLARY’S BIG NIGHT for ONE NIGHT ONLY!!  Hurry!  Get to your seats!  SHOW starts in 39 seconds!  Oh…ahhh…can somebody fetch my puke bucket I’m going to need it……………….

And now ladies and gents……..  HILLARY’S GREATEST PERFORMANCE!!


LIVE Commentary………………………

What’s up with George Stephanophos on ABC?  He sounds so excited he’s about to jump out of his pants complete with gasping!  

Chelsea you are making me PUKE!  Get the hell off the stage PLEASE…………..

Bill Clinton looks depressed!  What’s up Slick Willy???  Ah he looks like he’s spacing out or something.  Oh wait he’s still alive as now he’s smiling at Chelsea.  Oh no…Slick Willy is back to looking ill or something.  

Chelsea Clinton is a dull and boring speaker void of emotion.  She’s sounding like a robot or recording.  No expression, no enthusiasm, no emotion.  BORING!!  Get her off the stage!!

Hey Chelsea was your mother performing public service when she was SofS and gave TOP SECRET info out in her emails????  Is that what you’re calling “public service” Chelsea?  OMG this girlfriend doesn’t have a clue!!

Thank you Chelsea!  I’m now VOMITING!  TGAM (thank God Almighty) they took Chelsea off the stage!!!!!

And NOW ladies and gents HILLARY …… ONE NIGHT ONLY….. LIVE!!!……….

The stage is dark.  A video of Hillary’s life is playing.  All is quiet.  Ah yes….did the DNC learn this move from TV Evangelists???  Just askin’……..

One newswoman on ABC sounds like she’s about to break down in tears…WTF??  Hey lady!  It’s Hillary Clinton NOT God Almighty!  Give me a break!

Still waiting on Hillary….the SELF GLORIFICATION IS A BIT TOO LONG DNC!!

Sanders delegate says they don’t feel respected by Hillary.  Well DUHHHHH!  Hey buddy Hillary don’t respect no one, no how so why should you be any different?

OMG Chelesa’s back…..



Hmm all dressed in white like JeSuS…………..and the DNC crowd is going WILD!!!!

Insults at Slick Willy?  Hillary calls him her “explainer-in-chief.”  She calls Obama the “Man of Hope”?  Say what? Hope and Change!  WTF happened Barry O???  You brought NEITHER!

Smiling Citizen Kaine is smiling ear to ear!  

Bernie Sanders does NOT look happy sitting in audience even though Hillary is now thanking him.  OK Hillary’s now KISSING ASS!  Sorry Hillary but for us Sander’s people you deliver a bit too little, too late BABY!

Hillary is now giving us a History Lesson…PAY ATTENTION before she slaps you with her ruler!!

Ya know….I don’t think she has yet accepted the nomination ?????

Trump to Hillary…YOU’RE FIRED before you’re even hired!!  LMAO

She just quoted FDR “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”  Excuse me but is anyone out there afraid???  What’s up with all the fear mongering and the DNC???

She says she won’t ban any religion.  TGAM cuz if this woman is elected POTUS I’m going to exercise my religion which is straight out of the Book of Leviticus LOL.

 OK just flashed a shot of Slick Willy and he’s still not looking well.  Is he on drugs?  Did he just get rejected by his latest trick???  Can someone define the word “is” and “trick” please?

OK just saw Rahm Emmanuel in the audience so everybody be careful and DON’T go to the shower naked!  He likes to ruff people up nude in the shower remember?  Nasty boy…………

Hillary says ” we put our trust in each other.”  Say what?  I thought we put our trust in GOD?

OK Hillary just got stuck on “it takes a village” to raise children, live in a country, etc etc etc.  She wrote a book by that title in fact 20 years ago.  Well Hillary…..I’d say that in light of current events the American Village is pretty much GONE!  Hey…SLICK WILLY…..u ok???  

OK she just excepted the nomination…..crowd is ecstatic!  Crowd is chanting to the Goddess Hillary!!  PREACH IT SISTER!  PREACH IT!…

Just a thought……Hillary is running for POTUS to prove to Slick Willy that she wears the pants and not him.  I think she thinks Bill screwed up his presidency so bad that she has to do this to compensate for it.

Slick Willy is about asleep for God’s Sake!  What’s wrong with the brother?????????????

If Hillary is elected POTUS I vote we call her “BIG MAMA” 🙂

She’s now sucking up to kids with disabilities…..remember her reported comments not so long ago alleging she was referring to handicapped kids as “fucking retards”?  Hmmmmm……it’s KISS ASS time Hillary?

OK Slick Willy is standing up clapping and appears conscious so he must be A-OK, no?

Now I know where Chelsea got her BORING speaking style and lack of enthusiasm or emotion from.  HILLARY! Cuz Hillary is speaking the SAME way!  BORING HILLARY!  Liven it up sista!!  BORING!!

Did you see the look in her eyes when she said she’d be Pres for all people including those who don’t vote for her? Looked like she had daggers in her eyes and starred right at the camera!

WHACK JOB Hillary!!  That should be her nickname if elected.

Slick Willy now almost in tears!  Has he been taking pointers from Speaker John Bohner in how to cry on que?

Now she’s lauding Barry O!!!

Job creation will be her primary goal as POTUS.  Didn’t Barry O promise the same thing and NEVER DELIVERED?  Sure did :O

“Our economy isn’t working the way it should because our democracy isn’t working the way it should,” says Hillary.  That’s right!  Cuz CORPORATIST like Hillary are runnin’ things be they Dem or Rep!

She believes in science she says.  Now she’s stuck on climate change………..BORING HILLARY BORING!

Trump to Hillary…..YOU’RE FIRED!!  :O

She is saying NOTHING NEW that she hasn’t said before!!

Say no to unfair trade deals, stand up to China, expand Social Security….then join us, she says.  WTF?  Why hasn’t the Dem Obamy done these things in the past EIGHT YEARS???

She’s making the SAME PROMISES about repairing the infrastructure as Obama did back in 2008!!  And 8 yrs later it hasn’t happened!!

She says a president should respect our military people.  Soooo how come Obama hasn’t done that???  Just askin’….

She says Trump has a short fuse!  TRUMP YOU’RE FIRED!!

Why am I getting the gut feeling America is over????

Now she’s on the Gun Lobby!! :O

“I’m not hear to repeal the second amendment or take your guns away,” she says.  She’s just here to protect us from getting shot ….. to keep guns out of hands of criminals.  Seriously?  Hey Hillary!  CRIMINALS can get ANY gun they want on the BLACK MARKET and at ANY TIME!  How do you plan to stop that???  Throw more young black males in prison like your hubby did???

Trump is a SHOWMAN!  He’s the GREATEST ACTOR IN THE WORLD’S HISTORY!  He’s now playing his biggest role in hopes for an Oscar!  I think that’s what Hillary is now thinking too………..

HOPE & CHANGE!  She’s spouting the same old Obama rhetoric we heard in 2008 and 2012 and it’s not flying in 2016 either Hillary!

The left side of Slick Willy’s mouth is sagging.  Did he just have a stroke????????????

“Let’s be stronger together…” she says.  Sooo then why has the Dem Barry O done nothing but divide us for the past 8 years????

I see some things in Hillary that remind me of the “Iron Lady” UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Citizen Kaine now on stage with her………Slick Willy now on stage with her!  Has mouth open for flies????  Just askin’………..

Hillary Supporters slogan:  “MORE Hope & Change!”

Trump Supporters slogan:  “We want Hate and War!”

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN……HILLARY HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!! ……. oh wait, not yet, she’s still there, so sorry Comrades……

Vomiting Again!!

I must admit that Hillary looked better than I’ve ever seen her look tonight.  This is the first time I’ve seen her glow.





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