Outrage at the DNC!

Published on Jul 28, 2016 In this new video from Project Veritas Action, James O’Keefe goes undercover as a Hillary Clinton supporter with outraged Democrats at the DNC. Angry protesters scream and shout about their hatred for Hillary Clinton and how they’ve been disenfranchised by the DNC, the Democratic Party establishment and political elites. James […]

via O’Keefe Undercover With Outraged Dems at the DNC — tomfernandez28’s Blog

It’s about time all Americans, but especially BLACK AMERICANS, ask themselves, “What have the Democrats done for me lately?”.  After almost 8 years of the Democratic Obama’s presidency the answer is a resounding NOTHING! And now Hillary Clinton wants to extend that legacy for the next 4 years!  And in case you haven’t figured it out yet………………

DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman was forced to resign last week after the Wikileaks DNC email dump in which it was clear that the Dem Party conspired and plotted against Senator Bernie Sanders in his bid for the Dem nomination.  And what did Hillary do?  She IMMEDIATELY hired Wasserman for her campaign!  WTF?  Talk about BLATANT CORRUPTION!!!!



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