Pelosi: STILL Out of Touch!

San Fran Nan is a special kind of stupid. Pelosi said Clinton can attract white male voters by focusing on the economy. Source: Pelosi: Clinton struggling with white men because of ‘guns,’ ‘gays’ and ‘God’ | TheHill

via Pelosi: Clinton struggling with white men because of ‘guns,’ ‘gays’ and ‘God’  — Give Me Liberty

Many of us have long known that former House Speaker and current House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been out of touch with reality for a long, long time.  And her comments today reflect that she is STILL out of touch!  She acts as if Hillary Clinton is now the great Savior just as she acted with Obama but she seems to fail to realize after 8 years of Obama there are STILL NO JOBS!  The economy is STILL A WRECK!  And America is STILL coming part at the seams of our social fabric! Where has this lady been?  She speaks of dreamworlds and says nothing about the REALITY in America.  I have news for Pelosi………..

MANY Americans are ANGRY over the situation in our country today after 8 years of Barack Hussein Obama!  The “economic recovery” is nothing short of a frickin JOKE!  As a society we are at each others throats over race, religion, economics, etc.  Those THROWBACK terrorists from the 8th century are now for some “odd” reason more powerful than ever!  Our foreign policy is a JOKE!  Our domestic policy is even a BIGGER JOKE!  People are no longer living paycheck to paycheck.  They are living DAY TO DAY after 8 years of Obama and the Democrats!  Prices are OUTRAGEOUS to say the least!  Barack promised JOBS.  WELL WHERE IN THE HELL ARE THEY?  At McDonald’s?  LMFAO seriously Barack????  

Throughout his tenure as POTUS Obama has spoken of job creation via the need to rebuild our country’s infrastructure but he has not done ONE THING to make that happen and NEITHER will Hillary!  Hillary is an ECHO of the SAME old promises made by Obama in 2008 and 2012 and LIKE Obama she will also NOT DELIVER!!  Enough of the Democratic Monarchy already!!  Four more years of another Dem isn’t going to change one thing in this nation for the better.  And don’t get me started on Trumpy!  I have a suspicion if elected his first move will be to say, “YOUR FIRED AMERICA!”.  Neither Trump nor Clinton deserve to be POTUS as IMO they are BOTH WORTHLESS CORPORATIST!  There’s only ONE PARTY today in America and it’s the Corporatist Party so why don’t we just call it what it is and stop the Rep/Dem BULLSHIT already?  

Oh and one more thing.  Back in 2008 I voted for Obama happy that he’d be the first Black POTUS.  I thought he’d really do something for Black America and the unity of our nation.  BUT he hasn’t done one damned thing for BLACK AMERICA in 8 years!  And he sure as hell hasn’t done one damned thing to unite our people in this country!  I thought he’d be the “Great Uniter” but he turned out to be “The Great Divider”!!  And now I’m suppose to believe that the CRIMINAL HILLARY CLINTON is the answer???  What a fucking joke!  Anybody know what kind of “medication” Pelosi is on cuz I want some!!



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