Hillary: The Morning After…..

Hillary_11So I sat and watched Hillary Clinton’s speech to the DNC last night as she accepted their nomination for POTUS and frankly I heard NOTHING new from her even though I was expecting to. She spouted the same old rhetoric alluding to the speech police (read Censorship) as she remarked if elected she was going to end violent and hurtful talk. In other words she plans to curb the Free Speech Amendment in the Bill of Rights so get ready if she is elected! She’ll ensure that Americans are a reincarnation from the times of Soviet TYRANT Josef Stalin who invented Political Correctness! And I’m sure along with this she’ll fix things so neighbors RAT OUT neighbors just as they did in Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany. And how many INNOCENT people went to jail as a result? MANY even though the reports were usually FALSE and were more due to neighbors not liking each other. Oh, and children reported their PARENTS too so get ready America! Under a Hillary presidency the first time your spoiled brat gets mad at you all they have to do is report you to the Gestapo and off to jail you go based on their word (lie) alone!!

Hillary also alluded to GUN RIGHTS saying she didn’t want to ax the 2nd Amendment but all she plans to do is curb gun violence and fix it so you aren’t killed by someone who isn’t suppose to have a gun. Righttt…………

FACT is criminals get guns all of the time on the Black Market which is HUGE in the American underground. In fact, one can purchase just about anything their heart desires nowadays. YES she DOES want to take away your RIGHT to bear arms and at the very least leave you with that old MUSKET and nothing more, just watch.

Two things that struck me as odd….no….no…WEIRD were Hillary’s dress and Slick Willy Clinton last night.

Firstly, can someone please tell me why Hillary chose to dress in all white like TV Evangelist Benny Hinn last night? Frankly, I was waiting for her to perform some faith healing! I was expecting thunderbolts from Heaven itself but they never came. I kept thinking….

“Ah yes here is the Great WHITE Savior! NOT!!”

Frankly, Hillary hasn’t yet figured out that America doesn’t need another hero or great white savior!!

And now regarding Slick Willy and his HIGHLY UNUSUAL behavior last night. WTF was wrong with him? Was he over medicated or under medicated? He kept falling asleep or so it appeared and at several points he looked ill. Towards the end of Hillary’s rant Bill’s mouth on the left side was slumping and I couldn’t help but wonder if he just had a stroke! He looked pretty mad and I think the man needs medical attention. OR was Slick Willy having visions of whores and young interns dancing through his head last night during Hillary’s rant? Was he having fantasies about his return to the WH and how this time around he could avoid getting caught with his…. well …. Slick Willy out of his pants LMAO.

And then there was Chelsea. She was actually the most BORING and unemotional public speaker I’ve heard in a long time! HORRIBLE! Trumps daughter gave a much more enthusiastic speech at the RNC that wasn’t bad but last night Chelsea’s was HORRIBLE to say the least.

Most of what I heard from Hillary last night was what we all heard back in 2008 and again in 2012 when Barack Obama was campaigning. You know, “Hope & Change.” Well here we are 8 years later and still NO HOPE and still NO CHANGE! WTF happened Barry O?????

And along comes Hillary making virtually the SAME promises and we all know she has NO plans to deliver including fixing our nation’s infrastructure which Barry O has spouted about for the past 8 years yet done NOTHING about it. And Hillary even picked up on Obama’s promise to create jobs! AIN’T GOIN’ TO HAPPEN AMERICA!!

Bernie Sanders did not appear happy and I never saw him crack even the slightest smile during Hillary’s rant. He didn’t even smile when Hillary referred to also wanting free college tuition for America’s youth. That would be because Bernie has already figured out Hillary is simply trying to kiss his ass as she needs his supporters to vote for her in order to win the presidency. Yeah, Bernie got SCREWED by the DNC and he knows it! And then there is that little item of the DNC email scandal thanks to WikiLeaks and how the DNC conspired against Sanders so he would not win the nomination and that resulted in DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman having to resign in DISGRACE. But, not to worry, because Hillary hired her IMMEDIATELY for her campaign! See how SLICK Hillary is??? She hired the DISGRACED Wasserman without even batting an eye in full public view! I would have avoided Wasserman completely if I were Hillary as America got a first hand view of just how conspiring Hillary really is.

So in sum I think Hillary’s speech last night to the DNC and America was yet another FARCE in the footsteps of Barack Obama who promised much and delivered LITTLE!! Barry O has taught her well I see. And Slick Willy? He just can’t wait to get at those young interns in the WH I’m sure.


BTW just to get the history straight…..The Dem Party is the first to nominate a woman for POTUS. They were the first to bring America the Ku Klux Klan too! And they were the first to support SLAVERY! Now Black America please ask yourselves WHAT HAVE THE DEMS DONE FOR YOU LATELY cuz the answer is a deafening NOTHING!!

Get a clue America BEFORE it’s too late come November!!!


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