Trump Scores a BIG FAT ZERO!

I think many of us will have to do some serious evaluating before we vote for Donald Trump and that is primarily because he has a bad habit of running his mouth and thinking about it later. He seems to do that a lot in fact and his latest bout with mouth diarrhea center around the family of Khizr Khan and his wife Ghazala who are both Muslim Americans.

Khizr and Ghazala Khan at the DNC 2016

Khizr and Ghazala Khan at the DNC 2016

Khizr and Ghazala appeared at the DNC this past week. Ghazala was quiet and allowed her husband Khizr to deliver the speech about their deceased son US Army Captain Humayun Khan who was killed fighting for the USA by a car bomb in Iraq in 2004. He was 27 years old. The speech delivered by Khizr as Ghazala looked on was moving and tragic to say the least. You could hear the pain in his voice when he spoke about his son but you could also hear the pride in his voice when he spoke of his son having been a US SOLDIER. And Ghazala? Clearly you could see on her face that this was a mother still in mourning. Losing your child is something that parents do not give over quickly.

It was after this speech to the DNC that the controversy began as Trump suffered his latest bout of mouth diarrhea. It happened when he commented that he noticed Ghazala Khan stood by her husband at the DNC podium and never said a word. Trump assumed that she did not speak because she was not allowed to due to her Muslim faith! I guess “the Donald” never learned the great life lesson that when you “assume” something you typically end up making an “ass” out of “u” and “me.” And that’s exactly what Trump has now done. He has made an ASS out of himself with his assumption!

Ghazala has responded to Trump as to why she simply stood by the podium and allowed her husband to do the speaking saying that she is still in mourning over the loss of her son which is very understandable. Sadly, Trump has chosen to ignore her response either because he’s an insensitive ASS or ignorant. It does not matter what the religion of the Khan family is! This is a family who lost a beloved son who was FIGHTING TO PROTECT AMERICA FROM MUSLIM TERRORISTS EVEN THOUGH HE WAS A MUSLIM HIMSELF!! And Trump is obviously oblivious to this FACT!!

The war of words between Trump and the Khan family has continued over this weekend. Khizr Khan characterized Trump over the weekend as being an “ignorant and soulless candidate” and I could not agree more! “This is the height of ignorance,” said Khizr on CNNs “State of the Union” news program today, “For a candidate for the presidency to not be aware of the respect of a God Star mother standing there, and he had to take that shot at her?” Khan went on to say Trump “is totally incompatible with empathy. He is a BLACK SOUL.” And then Khizr Khan added something that many people in this nation are now thinking and that is this, “He is totally UNFIT for the leadership of this beautiful country!”. AMEN TO THAT MR KHAN!! You hit it right on the head!!

Khizr told the Washington Post over the weekend that his wife chose not to speak at the DNC because she breaks down when speaking of her deceased son and whenever she sees his picture. While the couple were on the DNC stage their sons photo was put up on the screen behind them and Ghazala never once turned to look at it and now we know why. TOO MUCH PAIN. The wound of the loss of her beloved son is still open and you’d think Trump would have some COMPASSION and EMPATHY and understand that BUT as usual he’s just far too busy running his mouth not caring who he insults or hurts and THAT IS INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR on the part of Donald Trump period!!

Khizr told the Washington Post that after they left the DNC stage his wife broke down into tears and staff behind the stage were trying to console her but to no avail. Khizr told the Post, “Only those parents that have lost their son or daughter could imagine the pain that such a memory causes especially when a tribute is being paid. I was holding myself together because one of us had to be strong.”

For her ownself Ghazala told the Post that Trump has said he’d like to hear from her and she said, “Here is my answer to Donald Trump.” She said by not saying a word “all the world, all America, felt my pain.” And YES indeed Ghazala WE DID and we who have COMPASSIONATE SOULS mourned with you! Sadly, the JACKASS TRUMP was not among us!!

Late yesterday the NOW WORTHLESS CAMPAIGN of Diarrhea Mouth Trump released a statement trying to cover the candidates ass! The statement referred to US ARMY CAPT KHAN as a “hero” and it then proceeds to glaze his NASTY REMARKS over in hopes we will all forget and vote for him. AIN’T GOIN’ TO HAPPEN AMIGO TRUMP BECAUSE YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE!!

Khizr Khan responded to the statement by saying Trump’s statement was “faked empathy.” Again, Mr Khan hits the nail on the head when it comes to Trump!!

For Trump’s part he says Khan “viciously attacked ” him at the DNC. Well if you call someone asking if you ever read the US Constitution and offering you to borrow their own to read “vicious” then I guess so. But, even then Mr Khan’s remarks were no where near as VICIOUS as Trump’s insensitivity. What is Trump’s problem????


And THAT ladies and gents would make Donald Trump a VERY UNPREDICTABLE AND DANGEROUS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! Can you imagine this man setting off nukes because he’s made at something China said about him and then regretting it later? Of course none of us would be around after such a thing including Trump!!

Trump has insulted and offended just about every minority he possibly can now and this MUST makes us PAUSE and reconsider this man Trump!!  I’ve said on this blog many times that Obama has turned out to be a “divider” rather than a “Uniter” and sadly it appears that TRUMP IS AN EVEN BIGGER DIVIDER than OBAMA!  Really, does America need any more division???  I DON’T think Trump is the man who should be the next POTUS!  Then again, I don’t think Hillary should be either!  Hey, maybe Mr Khan would be willing to take the job!  He’s got my vote!!




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  2. Muslims are Muslims are Muslims are Muslims no matter where they are. Muslims try to make people think otherwise. Dumb people believe Muslims. I believe Trump. Muslims are like the nations that God killed. Muslims are human sacrificing torturing cannibalistic liars.

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