In Search of Bernie Sanders

Bernie_2016Since having bowed out of the 2016 Democratic nomination for POTUS I’m wondering where Senator Bernie is nowadays. Oh I know he changed his party affiliation back to “Independent” and I heard he bought a beach house but I think it odd he’s been avoiding the public spotlight lately.

Bernie vowed to take our struggle to the DNC floor but that never happened. And I thought he was going to work and help Clinton get elected and unite the Dem Party but that hasn’t happened either.

Oddly, it seems to me that Bernie has become STRANGELY SILENT and I can’t help but wonder why. Did the Clinton Mafioso get to him? Did he get a little “visit” from Itchy and The Cleaner perhaps “instructing” him to not be seen or heard until Hillary is elected in November?

It’s almost like Bernie has simply abandoned all of his supporters and former supporters living them without direction or leadership and that is NOT characteristic of Bernie Sanders! One would think he’d be leading the charge to garnish support for Clinton. And one would think he’d be making plans in the Senate to ram through some of the things he promised once Clinton is in office and the Dems hold the majority in the Senate and House, with the glorious Nancy Pelosi sitting again as Speaker, no doubt.


Hmmm….has he perhaps joined the 1% and abandoned the 99%?  Did he simply play us during his bid for POTUS?


Dyatlov Pass Pt 8: Assessment and Conclusion

Dyatlov Pass Hikers_1

When looking at the 9 hikers I see nothing unusual about them. I see little to no evidence that Zolotaryov and Kolevatov were KGB agents or in the hire of the KGB. There is simply NO EVIDENCE to support the theory that they were!  Yes, these two men tested positive for traces of radioactivity but this could have been due to a number of things.  Perhaps they were unknowingly exposed to trace amounts of radioactivity out in the woods or in the village. The Ural Mountains in the times of the Soviets were full of military bases so it would not be unusual for them to pick up trace elements of radioactivity.  I see no evidence supporting the theory that they were connected with the KGB.

I find no evidence that the 9 hikers might have been mistaken for escaped prisoners from a nearby Gulag.  Surely searchers from the Gulag would have known whom they were looking for and the 9 hikers were obviously not the ones they were looking for.

There is no evidence that these 9 young people were killed by Mansi hunters either nor is there evidence that they were the victims of an avalanche.  There is not one shred of evidence as far as I can see that they were killed by a UFO!  Infarsound is a strange phenomena but I see no evidence that this was the culprit of their demise either.  And I see absolutely no evidence at all that these 9 hikers were attacked and/or killed by the legendary Yeti!  And the teleportation theory is simply not valid in my estimation as there is clearly no evidence of this at all.

This leaves us with two theories remaining.  First the “Soviet Special Forces Theory” and secondly the “Secret Launches Theory” which I believe are one theory!  As noted in the previous sections of this publication several of the hikers had injuries consistent with what one would expect to find had they been beaten by Soviet soldiers!  This is particularly so regarding the skull fractures and rib fractures.  Clearly those with cuts and bruises on their knuckles had been in a fist fight with someone!  And, SOMEONE beat the hell out of these people and to me that is beyond clear!!  The question is WHO? Continue reading

Colin Powell Says Hillary Clinton is a LIAR!!

Last week the MSM reported that during interviews with the FBI Hillary Clinton said she used a private server on the advice of former Sec of State Colin Powell and she has also claimed publicly that Powell used a private server also and, thus, Clinton has tried to justify her actions of using such during her own tenure as Sec of State. However, Colin Powell says Hillary Clinton IS LYING!


Powell said Clinton has been wrongly trying to blame him for her wrongful use of her private email server as a way to justify her own inappropriate actions. Powell said Clinton had been using the server a year before he sent her a memo telling her what he did as Sec of State. Powell spoke with the NY Post.

“Her people have been trying to pin it on me,” Powell told the NY Post. Powell was obviously angry about this even though he told the Post it doesn’t matter adding “I’m ok, I’m free.”

As Sec of State Powell did in fact use a private server for email but he had the State Dept set it up and was in constant communication with them and NEVER used it to send TOP SECRET information. Apparently, Hillary Clinton did NOT do the same!

It is beginning to appear that Hillary Clinton has consistently outright LIED about her use of her private email server and the question is why lie if you have nothing to hide? She denies have sent TOP SECRET info in her emails from this server yet she has not turned over all emails to the FBI either! FBI Director James Comey said she HAD sent classified info and the emails were “missing.” And apparently Slick Willy has lied about this issue as well in speeches and remarks according to

It might be noted the NY Post story was NOT on pg 1 but on Pg 6 for some odd reason. Was it so no one would read it?

NOW TODAY comes news from the US State Dept that they are reviewing almost…..get this!….15,000 HILLARY CLINTON EMAILS that previously were UNDISCLOSED TO THE FBI investigation into her use of her private server!!

These emails were not disclosed by Clinton’s attorneys and COULD BE made public before the November election (but I wouldn’t count on it LMAO).  The emails are being reviewed to see if any of them contain TOP SECRET info.

As for Hillary Clinton?  Today her campaign released a statement concerning the emails.  The Clinton Campaign statement said Clinton provided the State Dept with all work-related emails in 2014 so they are “unsure” what these additional 15,000 emails the Justice Dept located might be.  The statement also said if they are work-related they support their release publicly.

Ahhhh…yeah….rightttt…..somebody want to tell me why something ROTTEN smells in Washington DC….STILL?

First she lies trying to pin it all of Colin Powell and now an astounding 15000 undisclosed emails are found!  Can Hillary Clinton tell the truth about ANYTHING?  Do we need a POTUS who refuses to except responsibility for anything and is constantly trying to blame someone else?  Oh wait…..we already have one….so sorry LOL……..


Colin Powell: ‘Clinton Trying To Pin Her Email Problems On Me’


Research Shows ISIS and Boko Haram Don’t Know Anything About Islam

ISIS and Boko Haram are two of the world’s most notorious “radical Islamic groups.” You’ll rarely – if ever – hear about these groups without also seeing terms like Islam, Muslim, radical, jihad, Quran, extremism, and so on. ISIS and Boko Haram, we are told, represent “Islamic values” intertwined with a political dimension. New documents, however, show that “members of ISIS don’t know squat about Islam.”

The Associated Press has analyzed over 3,000 questionnaires filled out by ISIS recruits. It turns out that this “radical Islamic group” is full of “Muslims” who don’t know anything about Islam. Hareetz reports:

At the height of ISISs drive for foot soldiers in 2013 and 2014, typical followers included the group of Frenchman who went bar-hopping with the recruiter back home, the recent European convert who now hesitantly describes himself as gay, and two Britons who ordered “The Koran for…

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Dyatlov Pass Pt 7: The Hikers

A brief bio on each of the hikers is in order I think and here they are:

Igor Alekseivich Dyatlov — was born 13 January 1936 in Russia. He was the group leader on this expedition. He was a student Igor Dyatlovat UPI and a talented engineer. In his second year at UPI he designed a radio that he used during his hike in 1956 to the Sayan Mountains. He was also the designer and builder of the portable heater/stove used by the hikers inside the tent during the Dyatlov hike. People who knew him said he was a thoughtful young man and one who never made rash decisions. He courted another member of the group, Zina Kolmogorova. He was also one of the most experienced hikers and athletes in the group.  Nothing in his profile seems out of the ordinary other than he must have been an adventurer and somewhat of the inventor.  Nothing in his relationship with Zina seems out of the ordinary either.

Zinaida (Zina) Alekseevna Kolmogorova — Courted the groups leader Dyatlov.  She was born on 12 January 1937 in Russia.  She was a 4th year student at UPI majoring in Radio Engineering.  Those who knew her said she was always willing to carry her own weight and that she was outgoing and energetic.  They said people were naturally drawn to her and was popular at the university.  She was remembered for always being full of ideas and for being unwilling to cause hardships for others.  There is nothing out of the ordinary in her profile.

Zinaida Kolmogorova aka "Zina"

Zinaida Kolmogorova aka “Zina”








Alexander Sergeievich Kolevatov — was born 16 November 1934 in Russia.  He was a 4th year student at UPI

Alexander Kolevatov

Alexander Kolevatov

majoring in Nuclear Physics.  Prior to coming to UPI he attended  and finished the Sverdlovsk Mining and Metallurgy College in Sverdlovsk, Russia majoring in Metallurgy of Heavy Nonferrous Metals.  He was considered to be a good student.  He moved to Moscow to work in a secret institute of the Ministry of Medium Machine Building at one point prior to the fatal hike.  This institute was known simply by its serial number 3394 and was likely run by the KGB.  He later moved to the Research Institute of Inorganic Materials which was engaged in producing materials for the Soviet nuclear industry.  In 1956 he returned to Sverdlovsk and enrolled in UPI.  Those who knew him described him as being “cautious”  yet studious young man.  He had a habit for liking to smoke antique pipes.  His friends described him as diligent, pedantic, and methodical with strong and clear leadership qualities.  He is one of the two hikers suspected by some as being a KGB agent or at least in their hire! Continue reading

Kain Says Whites Must Become Minority!

Commentary by Monomakh:

Broom-Hilda’s running mate Tim Cane told a Black congregation in New Orleans that Whites must become a minority so they can properly atone for racism and oppression suffered by Blacks.  In other words Whites must take on White Guilt over slavery, racism, along with anything and everything else even though at the height of slavery in this country only 1.4% of whites actually had Black slaves.  Ignore the fact that WHITES were VICTIMS for far longer of the brutal Barbary Slave Trade and forget that long before Blacks were American slaves MANY Europeans and Arabs were enslaved by conquering nations and treated less than animals for hundreds of years!  Since we are talking history then it would behoove Clinton and Kain to get the history straight don’t you think?

I’ve never owned a slave so I don’t see why I should feel guilty.  Further, my great great grandfather did own a couple of slaves and one killed him with an axe one day!  Should I feel guilty over that?

Kain’s comments are just one more attempt to inflame RACE WARFARE and DIVIDE this nation even more than Barack Obama has done!  REAL LEADERS unite their people because they seem themselves and the leaders of ALL PEOPLE in their nation.  Wannabe AMATEURS do NOT unite their people they divide them and that is exactly what Obama has done for the past 8 years and Clinton and Kain hope to do for 4 more.

And let’s talk history a bit further.  Did all of you BLACK AMERICANS know that the Ku Klux Klan was founded and supported by Democrats?  You need to take a real close look at what the Dems have done for you in the past 100 years which is mostly NOTHING!  The ghetto is still the ghetto and instead of doing something about the ghetto and helping Blacks get ahead all the Dems have done is blame White people which has gotten you NOWHERE.  In fact, NOWHERE seems to be the motto of the Democratic Party!  Get a frickin clue brother!!

So why are the Dems so intent on dividing us?  Because it’s an old strategy of divide and conquer.  As long as they can keep us divided we won’t pay any attention to the HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS routinely committed by Democrats in ALL levels of government across this nation.  Both Kain and Clinton are RICH WHITE PEOPLE who are the very people some Blacks claim to hate so why would they vote for them?  Somehow that doesn’t make any sense at all.  If you are Black living in the ghetto and thinking Clinton-Kain are going to help improve your life think again!  THEY AREN’T and they have NO true desire to!  In fact, they want to keep you in the GHETTO SLAVERY you are in which is a new form of slavery!  Think about it!

Where are the REAL LEADERS in this FUCKED UP NATION?  Yeah you read that right!  Be they Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Purple or whatever!  WHERE ARE THEY and WHY in the HELL can’t this nation have someone, ANYONE, better than Clinton and Trump and Obama???  These rich assholes are the bottom of the SHIT barrel IMO!  They aren’t leaders at all.  They are CON ARTISTS….RICH WHITE CON ARTISTS in fact!  The ONLY thing they give one shit of a care about is maintaining the divisions between the American people so THEY can continue to get rich, cover their own asses, and HIDE their high crimes and misdemeanors cuz they all know when we do unite their asses are GRASS!  Think about that one too!!

REAL LEADERS DON’T SEEK TO DIVIDE THEIR PEOPLE.  THEIR GOAL IS TO UNITE THEM!  THIS IS NOT WHAT CLINTON, KAIN, OR TRUMP ARE DOING.  Instead they are only dividing this nation and its people even MORE!  And that, my friends, is a complete LOAD OF COW SHIT!

BTW I’m not voting for Trump or Broom-Hilda/Kain.  I’m going to vote for my local dog catcher who just happens to be 100% BLACK but who is always trying to bring people together….UNITED on various issues!!  HE’S A REAL LEADER!

Stick up up your a*** Tim Kain and Broom-Hilda!


Hillary’s VP: Whites Must Become a “Minority” to Atone For Racism