End Times and the DNC

by The Fiery Evangelist:

Fiery EvangelistI couldn’t help but notice! Did you watch it? I’m talking about the climax at the Democratic Convention last week on the night Hillary Clinton appeared to accept the Party nomination. What I couldn’t help but notice was the Methodist minister who opened with a prayer and these words, “O God of many names…..”. God of many names? What he was doing was invoking the idea of one world religion in which everyone worships the same NAMELESS God! This Methodist minister seems not to know that such a “religion” is the religion of the ANTICHRIST!!

As soon as he opened his prayer I knew right away he was a HEATHEN! I thought he’d speak of the great I AM. I thought he’d invoke JESUS CHRIST the SON OF GOD who died for our SINS on the CROSS! But instead this minister invoked the FALSE religion of the ANTICHRIST! All I could think as I listened to him was, “REPENT HEATHEN! REPENT IN THE NAME OF THE LORD ALMIGHTY!!”

Let us not forget that the GOOD BOOK warns us that in the LAST DAYS there will be MANY false teachers (preachers) and FALSE PROPHETS. Let us not forget how the GOOD NEWS warns us that in the LAST DAYS those who follow the ANTICHRIST will try to deceive the faithful of the Lord’s Flock! And what does the GOSPEL of our SWEET JESUS tells us to do? That’s right! We are NOT to listen to these FALSE TEACHERS AND FALSE PROPHETS!

I couldn’t help but wonder how many people this Methodist minister led astray that night. I didn’t hear him mention the Lord one time! How many unsuspecting souls did he show the DEVIL’S HIGHWAY to that night with that prayer? You bet! The road of the DEVIL is a HIGHWAY but the path of the LORD is a narrow and hilly path!

This minister and apparently the DNC would have us believe that Christians, Muslims, and Jews all follow the same God and that the only difference between us is that we call God by different names but that is a LIE FROM THE PIT! My Bible doesn’t tell me to marry a 6 year old like the Muslim Imam in Afghanistan did today. My Bible doesn’t tell me that it’s ok to dress boys like girls and make them dance in front of drunken men like some men in Afghanistan to with their “tea boys.” My Bible doesn’t tell me it’s ok to go out and kill innocent people with car bombs like they do throughout the Muslim world today. And my Bible doesn’t tell me it’s ok to commit suicide in a crowd of people killing as many of them as possible along with myself like they do in the Muslim world. NO! My Bible tells me to live a decent life VOID of ALL SIN! And my Bible tells me to seek the FORGIVENESS OF THE LORD IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST not Mohammad or any other! And hears something else for ya’ll. MY BIBLE DOESN’T TELL ME TO PRAY 5 TIMES A DAY FACING EAST towards an building made by the hands of man! In FACT, MY BIBLE tells me to “pray unceasingly.” That means at ALL TIMES!!

My Bible doesn’t tell me to go out and kill Muslims like Muslims in the Arab World are now killing CHRISTIANS! During the recent attempted coup in Turkey some radical Muslims took it upon themselves to start KILLING CHRISTIANS! Did you know in Turkey Christians CAN’T have a church? Christian churches in Turkey consist of little more than store front operations and the names of the churches have to be names that don’t offend Muslims! What a CROCK! Tell me what name doesn’t offend Muslims please? I gather that law means any church name with the name JESUS CHRIST in it is illegal in Turkey. Funny cuz my BIBLE doesn’t tell me to make laws outlawing usage of the name Mohammad when it comes to Muslims.

Getting back to the Methodist minster at the DNC and his invoking the religion AND SPIRIT of the ANTICHRIST I almost couldn’t believe my ears the other night when he said what he said. He was a FALSE TEACHER preaching a FALSE DOCTRINE! Shame on him! Shame on him!! He had a golden opportunity to PREACH THE GOSPEL but he chose to preach the FALSE DOCTRINES OF THE ANTICHRIST INSTEAD! Shame on him!!!

There is no doubt in my mind that we are in the END TIMES! There is no doubt in my mind that these are the times when the LORD is separating the wheat from the chaff! Which are YOU? Are you WHEAT or chaff? There’s no riding the fence anymore. You’re either on the side of the LORD or the side of the DEVIL and it’s as simple as that! People are being made to make a choice and sadly many people are making the WRONG choice, the choice of the Antichrist.

That Methodist minister at the DNC might THINK God has many names BUT he’s WRONG!  He’s spouting the FALSE doctrines of the ANTICHRIST!  He’s leading people astray!  There’s only ONE GOD and his name is JESUS CHRIST!  And if you ain’t got Him in your life as your Lord and Savior then YOU ARE going to HELL!!  Outside of Him there is NO OTHER WAY!!!  Many people in the world today need to REPENT and that includes MINISTERS and LAYMEN alike!!  JUDGMENT is around the corner because we ARE in the LAST DAYS and END TIMES.  This IS the Time of DECISION!  The wheat is now being separated from the chaff!  The DEVIL is preaching all of his FALSE TEACHINGS now more than ever before and this is why it is so important that the Lord’s People study the GOSPEL every day and know what it says and what it doesn’t say!!

I’m praying for that Methodist minister and I’m praying for the DNC.  PRAISE THE LORD!!



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