Evolutionary Poppycock!!

commentary by The Fiery Evangelist:

Oh boy two days in a row I get to guest post on this site. Praise the Lord! I guess the Lord has some things to say!

I read an article today pertaining to human evolution. Some POPPYCOCK about how humanity was born “premature” and we have to pass through some sort of great “filter” before we can ever sail the stars and explore space. This fits right in line with the DEMONIC DOCTRINE known as “Evolution” in my book!! ABOMINATION! DESOLATION! LIES! LIES! LIES! Evolution is the DEVIL’S DOCTRINE so wake up!!

Fiery EvangelistI got news for the writers of the article I read today on infowars.com, GOD did NOT CREATE man and woman “prematurely! God creates with intention and precision and when He created humans he did it ON TIME not late and not early but ON TIME! And here’s something else, when GOD decides humans are worthy to explore space then it will happen and NOT until then.

Evolution holds that humans came from apes and there was no creation. Evolution would have us believe that we came from apes and evolved into modern humans BUT there are MANY MISSING LINKS in this so called “evolution” of humans. Where are the TRANSITIONAL SPECIES of proto-humans in the fossil record? NOWHERE! Everyone thinks there is only one missing link between ape and man but the fact is there are MANY and NOT ONE of those fossils shows humans evolving from one species to the other.

Evolution is a bunch of WISHFUL THINKING that the DEVIL wants us to believe is true because it negates CREATION by GOD and the last thing the DEVIL wants is to have us believe in God but most especially but our FAITH IN GOD! The Devil creates COUNTERFEITS for everything God does and then he tries to TRICK us into believing that his LIES are the truth. But they aren’t! They are LIES! God didn’t create humans as apes!!

The BIBLE says God created Adam and Eve in the image of God. It doesn’t say He created us as overly hairy creatures with a untamed desire for bananas! If you study YOUR BIBLE you quickly realize that humans are SPECIAL CREATIONS OF THE LORD ALMIGHTY! God created apes as He created all things and He created humans and at the dawn of creation humans and apes both lived on this planet but as SEPARATE SPECIES! Apes were apes just as they still are today and humans are humans just as we still are today.

To believe that humans were once apes is demeaning to our existence and our CREATION! Such FALSE DOCTRINE is an insult and ABOMINATION to God’s HOLY CREATION! The THEORY of evolution holds that we evolved from these apes and there never was a creation by God because evolution doesn’t believe in God. Notice I said THEORY? That’s because that IS what evolution is! A THEORY which means not a proven fact!!!

Satan’s primary goal is and always has been to deceive humanity. He’ll try any TRICK he can come up with to entice us AWAY from the Lord Almighty. That’s why he comes up with this POPPYCOCK like evolution! It’s to entice us away from God and to entice us to question our FAITH IN THE LORD! Once you lose faith in your Maker YOUR DOOMED! Doomed because without the Lord Jesus Christ you ARE going to BURN IN HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY! AMEN!!

Let me tell you how much faith I put in science. These people once held the notion that “if man was made to fly he would have wings”!! Can you imagine that POPPYCOCK? They’ve been more WRONG than they’ve been more right and they are CONSTANTLY changing their THEORIES. But TRUTH is UNCHANGING contrary to the NEW AGE POPPYCOCK that MANY believe today! Did you hear that? TRUTH IS UNCHANGING!! Why? Because the ONLY REAL TRUTH is GOD’S TRUTH and that does NOT include the FALLEN false truths of MAN!! So, if you don’t know God, if you haven’t accepted JESUS CHRIST into your life as your personal SAVIOR then you CAN’T and DON’T know THE TRUTH!! The ONLY truth is God’s Truth! Can I get an AMEN?

Praise the Lord!!

Evolution? Great Filter? Humans “born” prematurely? POPPYCOCK!! It’s the DEVIL’S LIE!! It’s all FALSE AND DEMONIC DOCTRINES meant to lead humankind ASTRAY and away from God OUR CREATOR!! Don’t listen to their LIES because they’ll get you a fast ticket to HELL.

This is just one more PROOF POSITIVE that we are living in the LAST DAYS of the END TIMES! It’s time for a MASSIVE EVANGELIZTION of humanity! It’s time to preach the LORD’S GOSPEL FROM THE HIGHEST MOUNTAINS! It’s time to awaken humanity out of their stupor from believing the DEVIL’S LIES! It’s time for a great movement of the HOLY SPIRIT in every nation on this planet! It’s time to STAND up to these false doctrines and lies and expose them as such. It’s time to STEP UP TO THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY through JESUS CHRIST our SAVIOR!! Christians have been silent too long! It’s time for CHRISTIANS TO SPEAK UP AND STAND UP for the GLORY OF THE LORD in EVERYTHING!! Praise the Lord!!!!

Satan’s false doctrines are POPPYCOCK! They are the false doctrines for FOOLS! They are designed to make us lose our faith in God and to QUICKLY speed down that DEMONIC HIGHWAY into the abyss of HELL ITSELF! Don’t get on that highway! Get on that little dirt path over there cuz it’s the PATH OF THE LORD! And once you’re on that little path let me know so I can celebrate GLORY with you!


Reference article:

Scientists: Humanity Faces ‘Great Filter’ As Early Species in Universe



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