AZ Corp Commission “Investigates” Self!

AZ Corporation Commissioner Bob Burns has hired Scott Hempling who is a lawyer in Maryland specializing in utility regulation to investigate whether AZCC commissioners are unduly influenced in their decision-making by outside influences. Sorry but isn’t that a bit like a burglar investigating his own burglary?

AZ State Corporation Commissioner Bob Burns

AZ State Corporation Commissioner Bob Burns

For many years now many Arizona residents have known that the Corporation Commission is nothing more than a rubber stamp for utility companies as they virtually automatically approve any and all rate increases without question! Yet, these JOKSTERS seem to think they’re fooling everyone when they’re NOT. Burns ought to save his money and the Arizona State Attorney General Mark Brnovich SHOULD appoint an Independent Special Prosecutor to investigate the REAL DEALINGS of the AZCC!

But, you see, this is the way MOST of the state government in Arizona operates! It’s the “good-ole-boy network”!! It operates using smoke and mirror parlor tricks in an effort to fool the general public and sadly most of the time their little show works. Arizona voters need to step up and take up their CIVIC DUTY and start holding state officials accountable. And if you think the AZCC is the only dirty department in the state think again. The Dept of Economic Security is apparently plagued with corruption and thievery committed from the inside by their OWN EMPLOYEES! Perhaps that special prosecutor can investigate them too!!

In my opinion OF COURSE the corporation commissioners are influenced in their decision-making by utility and other “special interests” and that is why the AZCC rubber stamps MOST utility requests for rate increases and this has been going on for a long time! Burns is wasting his time and money. I’m sure NOTHING will be found and the whole thing will be swept under that dirty old carpet and let me tell you ARIZONA’S carpet is REALLY, REALLY DIRTY!!

Election day is coming up and Arizona voters need to OUST EVERY one of the AZCC members and START OVER! And that includes Burns! IMO if Burns was serious about uncovering corruption in the AZCC he would have asked the State Attorney General to investigate rather than hire an attorney from Maryland. But, like I said, it’s all about the smoke and mirror show and protecting Arizona’s good-ole-boy network!



3 responses to “AZ Corp Commission “Investigates” Self!

  1. Hillary gets a free pass on Treason. Governor Cuomo in New York , stops a corruption investigation against himself. It’s all a farce, until someone gets hurt or, the hammer drops.

      • YES! Absolutely. Term limits. New faces, from the People. End career politicians. Political party stuff is one big scam against the People, because all the politicians are criminals. That is why they always cover each other’s back.

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