3 comments on “America PROVES it is now the Modern Sodom and Gomorrah!!

  1. You know, when God explicitly tells us why He destroyed Sodom, creating genetically mixed embroyos was not on the list. He talked about pride, gluttony, apathy, arrogance, and neglect of the poor but stem medical research? I don’t remember that on the list either. Perhaps it is time to stop sensationalizing current events and instead dig into what the Bible actually does say?

  2. “Fiery Evangelist” I have to agree with BJ on this one. I don’t think the ancients were engaging in stem cell research UNLESS you subscribe to the theory that the ancients had a sophisticated society with high technology and science that some claim to be so. And the Bible says nothing about the people of Sodom and Gomorrah trying to merge animal and human cells together like we are now trying to do. Pride, gluttony, apathy, arrogance, and neglect of the poor were the “Sins of Sodom” says the Bible int he O.T. Those things DO describe America today, unfortunately.

    I don’t think you were clear in your writing. There is also the matter of the people of those ancient cities wanting to engage with sex with the angels inside the house of Lot and those people were also engaging in various sorts of what some may call “sexual perversion.” If this “sin of Sodom” and the others were the point you were trying to make in comparison to America then yes America would be the modern Sodom and Gomorrah. But, I don’t think you made that clear enough. Instead you leave us thinking those ancients were engaging in stem cell research which doesn’t make sense. Those people were doing what some might call “unnatural things” and America is doing the same. Was that your point?

    Perhaps you can clarify for us?

  3. Here is the response I received from The Fiery Evangelist:


    Well at least 2 people are reading what I write and that’s better than none. Praise the Lord!!

    Of course those SINNERS in Sodom and those SINNERS in Gomorrah were NOT doing stem cell research or anything of the sort! Sorry to have left you with that impression dear readers. Next time I will be more clear so such assumptions are not drawn.

    Pride, gluttony, apathy, arrogance, and neglect of the poor were indeed the SINS OF SODOM but let us not forget that those VILE PEOPLE wanted to have SEX with the angels Lot had in his home under his protection! SEXUAL PERVERSION was another SIN OF SODOM! Sons of Cain!!! Harlots of the Pit!!

    The people of those EVIL cities were NOT as advanced as we are today but were more primitive. I don’t think they were making human-animal ABOMINATIONS as AMERICA is now doing. This SIN is going to get out nation on the LORD”S crap list just watch!! America needs to REPENT! And I mean REPENT NOW! We are on the WRONG ROAD as a nation and society! REPENT! Turn to the LORD! Give yourself to JESUS! REPENT AMERICA! REPENT!

    Hope this clears things up.


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