America PROVES it is now the Modern Sodom and Gomorrah!!

by The Fiery Evangelist:

Fiery EvangelistWell I’ve been busy this week as this is my 3rd post on this site. I guess that might be because this world and this country is sinking QUICKLY into the bowels of HELL on the fast lane! Today comes news that the federal government is posed to lift the moratorium on creating SATANIC MONSTERS! That’s right! You heard me right! Read it again!

The federal government is going to lift the moratorium on scientists so they can go right ahead and create PART HUMAN and PART ANIMAL embryos! What that means is now MAN is going to play GOD and create CREATURES NEVER MEANT TO BE! Now of course these MONSTER CREATOR SINNERS called “scientists” are assuring us all that such “experimentation” will be used for “medical research” and not monster creating and if you believe that CRAP FROM THE PIT I’ve got a bridge you might want to buy and it goes NOWHERE!!

What this all is, is just one more PROOF POSITIVE of man’s ongoing PROBLEM! Since the dawn of creation MAN has had the problem of trying to play God. That’s what got our collective rear ends thrown out of the Garden of Eden! That’s what got those PITS OF SIN AND ABOMINATION known as Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed BY GOD HIMSELF!

FACT is man AND woman are FALLEN CREATURES! We are creatures full of SIN and judging from what was revealed today it looks like we are also creatures full of ABOMINATION! Oh….OH…..Oh…..the road to Hell is WIDE! Oh…oh …oh my, the mouth of the PIT is opened WIDE!! SINNERS! SINNERS! ABOMINATIONS!! We flock to the wide open mouth of Hell itself along that super-highway so quickly that we don’t even stop to take a breather!! We LOVE SIN! Just look around! Humanity is engaging in SIN AND ABOMINATION like never before!!! We’ve already surpassed ANY SIN carried out in Eden and we’ve already surpassed any SIN committed by Sodom and Gomorrah! Why just bet all those poor souls BURNING IN HELL are looking up at us with ENVY! And you’re still wondering why America is falling?

There is no doubt in my mind that God has REMOVED His BLESSING for America! We can claim “God Bless America” until Hell freezes over but it isn’t going to change the FACT that the Lord God Almighty has removed His blessing from our land!! And do you know what that means? That means our nation is DAMNED! Hate to say it and hate to be so blunt but that IS what it means!!!!

I’m sure that the Lord has put us in the same class as Sodom and Gomorrah now. This is the price we pay for trying to play God and attempting to create MONSTER creatures NEVER intended to be or created by the Lord! Don’t think for a minute that there isn’t a cost associated with turning to the PIT OF HELL and the MOUTH OF SATAN because there IS! For a long, long time this nation has moved slowly into SIN and ABOMINATION and now we are moving there faster than ever. Why? Because man is a FALLEN creature who loves SIN!

Here’s something ya’ll might want to think about. 1 Timothy 2 says warns us against FALSE TEACHERS. It tells the People of the Lord to avoid “godless chatter” because people who indulge in such talk only become more and more GODLESS! That means their “little sin” leads to BIGGER and BIGGER SINS! And it tells us that the teachings of FALSE TEACHERS are like gangrene! Ever seen gangrene and how quickly it spreads infecting everything around it? False teachers are DEMON SEEDS and they infect everyone who listens to them as they entice people to SIN. But, 1 Timothy 2 also tells us something else in verse 19 because it says, “The Lord knows those who are HIs”! PRAISE THE LORD! And it says this too, “Everyone who confesses the Name of the LORD MUST turn away from WICKEDNESS.” Did you hear that? If you truly belong to the Lord then you try to avoid SIN and if you don’t then you DON’T belong to the LORD but you DO belong to the PIT!!

And then we come to 2 Timothy 3 which is in FACT a PROPHECY about where we are TODAY………..

It says that in the LAST DAYS people will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, abusive, disobedient to their parents, UNGRATEFUL, UNHOLY, and without love! It says they will be unforgiving, slanderous, void of self control, and brutal. It goes on to say people will be haters of GOOD meaning they will love EVIL, and that people will be treacherous, rash, conceited, and lovers of pleasure RATHER THAN LOVERS OF GOD!! But it tells us that people will also have a “form of godliness” but that they will DENY ITS POWER! And the Lord then tells us to STAY AWAY FROM SUCH PEOPLE!!!

2nd Timothy 3 then tells us that these people will be men of DEPRAVED MINDS! Lunatics! EVIL LUNATICS!! Full of SIN AND ABOMINATION! THE SONS OF SODOM! THAT BASTARDS OF HELL ITSELF!! The sons and daughters of that old SINNER CAIN!! And we are then told that the folly of these HUMAN DEMONS will be clear to everyone! They THINK they are fooling people especially GOD’S PEOPLE but they AREN’T!! They aren’t fooling anyone!

After reading this you can’t possibly deny that we are in the LAST DAYS and that WE are the people described in 2nd Timothy!! WE ARE and the BIBLE PROVES IT!!

Returning to the scientists assurance that they won’t be creating monsters but only doing “medical research and experimentation” I can’t help but think of the Nazi doctor name Joseph Mengele. He thought he was doing the same thing but what he was actually doing was carrying out the most VILE and ABOMINABLE experiments ever undertaken!! This man was nothing short of a DEMON in the flesh! This is why I DON’T believe the assurances of scientists because they are always LYING saying one thing and doing the opposite. But let me assure you these scientists who will be messing with creating part human, part animal abominations WILL be playing God creating things NEVER meant to be by GOD HIMSELF! And this will only add SIN ATOP SIN and DAMNATION UPON DAMNATION upon our country and people! Don’t buy their false promises! Don’t believe anything they say! They are LIARS ALL!! Sons of Cain! Whores of SATAN himself! They are on the road to HELL and they LOVE IT! They hate God!

I don’t want to be around when God’s JUDGMENT comes upon our nation and people! I hope I’m dead before then! That’s cuz it is going to be horrible and mighty! America is in SIN GREATLY! And we keep going deeper and deeper into SIN AND ABOMINATION.

PRAY for our nation, for our people, and for this FALLEN WORLD! PRAY! ONLY GOD THROUGH CHRIST CAN SAVE US! NO MAN AND NO WOMAN CAN SAVE US cuz we are fallen creatures full of sin and in need of redemption though JESUS CHRIST! Give your life over the Him right now because EVIL has dawned in America and all over the world and JUDGMENT is now coming over the horizon!! God’s WRATH is on the way I’m sure of it because the signs are all around us! GET READY! Stay strong and safe in the LORD! And PRAISE THE LORD……ALWAYS!!!



3 responses to “America PROVES it is now the Modern Sodom and Gomorrah!!

  1. You know, when God explicitly tells us why He destroyed Sodom, creating genetically mixed embroyos was not on the list. He talked about pride, gluttony, apathy, arrogance, and neglect of the poor but stem medical research? I don’t remember that on the list either. Perhaps it is time to stop sensationalizing current events and instead dig into what the Bible actually does say?

  2. “Fiery Evangelist” I have to agree with BJ on this one. I don’t think the ancients were engaging in stem cell research UNLESS you subscribe to the theory that the ancients had a sophisticated society with high technology and science that some claim to be so. And the Bible says nothing about the people of Sodom and Gomorrah trying to merge animal and human cells together like we are now trying to do. Pride, gluttony, apathy, arrogance, and neglect of the poor were the “Sins of Sodom” says the Bible int he O.T. Those things DO describe America today, unfortunately.

    I don’t think you were clear in your writing. There is also the matter of the people of those ancient cities wanting to engage with sex with the angels inside the house of Lot and those people were also engaging in various sorts of what some may call “sexual perversion.” If this “sin of Sodom” and the others were the point you were trying to make in comparison to America then yes America would be the modern Sodom and Gomorrah. But, I don’t think you made that clear enough. Instead you leave us thinking those ancients were engaging in stem cell research which doesn’t make sense. Those people were doing what some might call “unnatural things” and America is doing the same. Was that your point?

    Perhaps you can clarify for us?

  3. Here is the response I received from The Fiery Evangelist:


    Well at least 2 people are reading what I write and that’s better than none. Praise the Lord!!

    Of course those SINNERS in Sodom and those SINNERS in Gomorrah were NOT doing stem cell research or anything of the sort! Sorry to have left you with that impression dear readers. Next time I will be more clear so such assumptions are not drawn.

    Pride, gluttony, apathy, arrogance, and neglect of the poor were indeed the SINS OF SODOM but let us not forget that those VILE PEOPLE wanted to have SEX with the angels Lot had in his home under his protection! SEXUAL PERVERSION was another SIN OF SODOM! Sons of Cain!!! Harlots of the Pit!!

    The people of those EVIL cities were NOT as advanced as we are today but were more primitive. I don’t think they were making human-animal ABOMINATIONS as AMERICA is now doing. This SIN is going to get out nation on the LORD”S crap list just watch!! America needs to REPENT! And I mean REPENT NOW! We are on the WRONG ROAD as a nation and society! REPENT! Turn to the LORD! Give yourself to JESUS! REPENT AMERICA! REPENT!

    Hope this clears things up.


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