Obama Admits 10,000 Syrian Muslim Refugees Into USA!

banana republicIt is now almost certain that the Obama Administration will hit its goal of admitting 10K refugees from war torn Syria by the end of next month into the USA. Last month alone the US State Dept says the administration admitted 2340 Syrian refugees! That’s more than the previous 7 months combined. Total admissions of Syrian refugees for the current fiscal year amounts to 7900.

The administration believes by reaching its goal it will give Barry O the needed influence when he speaks at the United Nations later this month to urge other nations to accept Syrian refugees and increase funding for relief organizations.

As for concerns that these refugees may have ties to radical Islamic terrorists the Obamy administration assures us there is nothing to worry about! US Secretary of State John Kerry said the US has “sufficient methods” in place to screen the refugees. According to the administration the screening process takes 12-18 months and includes in-person interviews, biographical reviews, and biometric information. Obama claims that this program focuses on only bringing in those Syrians who are in most desperate need of medical care and families with children or orphans. Kerry said, “We are very comfortable that we are bringing people in who will be a great plus for our country.” He notes that “not one event in the US, of terror” has been carried out by a refugee allowed to come to the USA. However, he ignored the fact that in 2011 two Iraqi refugees were arrested for plotting to fund and send weapons to al-Qaeda! Kerry said it is very important Americans don’t close their hearts to these “victims” of terrorism in their own country.  He also noted most of these refugees belong to the Sunni sect of Islam which is the dominate sect in SAUDI ARABIA!  You know, the ones who hate gays and kill gays and women?

Hmmm…..has he been talking to the German Chancellor lately because I think he’s stolen her story-line!

Now go away comrades! Nothing to see here!! Move along…..move along….

Oh one more thing……..Obama has repeatedly and consistently spoken of NATIONAL SECURITY and one now must wonder just WHERE IN THE HELL IT IS! How are they identifying RADICAL Muslims or ones with RADICAL tendencies? Or are they??? Sorry but I think America has ALREADY let the TROJAN HORSE through the gates!!!


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