Lunatic Imam Threatens Christians!

H/T I have a news flash for this follower of The Pedophile Mohammed you will not get close enough to many of us to use your sword on us. A major Muslim leader in Trinidad, Abu Sa’d at-Trinidadi, made this message to all Christians: “If you refuse [to convert to Islam], then the only thing […]

via Major Muslim Leader Makes This Message To All Christians: “If You Refuse To Convert To Islam, Then The Only Thing Between You And Us Is The Sword.” — Give Me Liberty

I can hardly wait until the WRATH of Christianity comes down on these people and it will happen just watch.  The Muslim holy book says murder and suicide are SINS so why are these people living in SIN?  They seriously need to focus more on themselves than on Christians!



2 responses to “Lunatic Imam Threatens Christians!

  1. The Muslims book lies about suicide and murder being sins. It only looks like that glancing at that book. The Quran is 100% anti God who is Lucifer. Lucifer is the only one who would say he hates a man calling himself the king of Kings. Can’t you hear Lucifer saying that? God would not say that. The man Lucifer is referring to is Jesus who is the Mighty God visually seen.

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