The MSM: Fair and Balanced —- NOT!

Watching the MSM anymore is like watching an ongoing soap opera complete with mystery and drama. I can’t help but notice that when it’s a slow news day the MSM adds a little drama just to make the slow day not so boring. And if they have to make that drama completely up that’s ok too, apparently!

It used to be that Journalists reported the news. It used to be that news reporters referred to their news casts as “news casts” or “news program.” They now refer to their news casts as “shows.” And they really don’t report the news anymore as what they present is basically a short index of the news and then they move on to “human interest stories.” But, most of their time is spent trying to influence public opinion and manipulating the public in the way that a professional Social Engineer would. And THAT is what these “reporters” are today! Social Engineers and NOT Journalists! Hell they can’t even spell and some of the sentences they publish are so nonsensical that they are outright ignorant! They must have missed the memo pertaining to “how to use spell check for dummies.”

A good example of how the MSM has FAILED their duty in this country is the current race for POTUS. Back in 2008 and again in 2012 it was clear that Barack Obama was the choice of the MSM and they actively manipulated voters to ensure that he won the presidency and was re-elected. In the current election they have doubled up to ensure Hillary Clinton wins and that Donald Trump doesn’t have a chance! One reason for that is Trump has made it plain that if elected he plans to reign in the MSM and they don’t like that one bit.

Every few days the MSM comes out with a new poll and one often wonders just who in the hell these social engineers are surveying! But, when things get boring suddenly they put Trump in the lead over Clinton and they paint Clinton as the “dark horse” in the race. But wait! A few days later she’s back on top again, amazingly! Drama! Thrill! Just like in a good Hollywood action movie! And that IS what it IS! The MSM doesn’t want Trump in the WH and they are doing everything they can to make sure that happens. And that includes the newest RUMOR they’ve been floating around on the media that Trump might quit the race or reject the office of the Presidency once elected! What a CROCK OF COMPLETE SHIT!! Trump is NOT going to quit the race nor if elected is he going to reject the presidency! That’s all WISHFUL THINKING on the part of the Social Engineers (aka: journalists).

They all claim to be “fair and balanced” but in reality the MSM is anything BUT! Every story is biased and spun to fit their liking! And if that means throwing a few untruths in the story…so be it, they do it!

And then there are the “talking points.” Apparently, these are preferred points that places like the White House, Congress, and even the MSM prefer to talk about instead of the REAL STORIES of the REAL NEWS which they don’t want to talk about. And like good little robots the MSM sticks to the published “talking points” just like the old media in the Soviet Union used to do. And, but of course, it is all Politically Correct too! What a LOAD OF COMPLETE SHIT! I guess the MSM also missed the memo pertaining to the fact that you DON’T get the news following a prescription! And don’t even get me started on what the MSM calls “investigative reporting” because there is no such thing anymore! Instead of hard-hitting interviews and asking tough questions face to face they simply make phone calls or exchange emails without ever leaving the comfort of their air-conditioned so-called “news rooms.”

The MSM in America is now a COMPLETE JOKE! They don’t report the news and they don’t do any real investigative reporting. Instead they busy themselves with trying to sway public opinion to their liking and when they accomplish their goal they bust open a new bottle of wine or champagne like CNN’s Wolf Blitzer did at the Democratic National Convention when Clinton won the DNC nomination!

And then there is the little matter of WEIRD SEX and DRUGS among these “news casters.” Those problems extend all the way from the no-name news programs…I mean SHOWS….to the national top news SHOWS! Cocaine seems to be the drug of choice among them and hanging themselves in closets seems to be their preferred course of “sexual excitement.” They’ll spend a great deal of time “reporting” about some PERVERT but they hide their own PERVERSION! And we are supposed to TRUST these people to give us the NEWS? Sorry but they are NOT trustworthy!

I remember years ago hearing national news anchors talking on air about how they really weren’t just news reporters but how they were also social engineers. I used to laugh at them as they stroked themselves with their noses up in the air for all of their viewers to see. Boy you talk about BIG EGOS! And now here we are in 2016 and that is exactly what they have become and by their own design and intention. They are social engineers and they are NOT REPORTS OR JOURNALISTS AT ALL!! Freedom of the Press? But we have no press!

That is, outside of the alternative media which the MSM detests completely because the AM is doing the job that they USED to do! And that’s why so many people have turned to the AM for news and turned away from the GROSS display of ego we see in the MSM today!

The MSM is anything but fair and balanced and right now they are engaged in a massive effort to ensure Hillary Clinton is the next POTUS. They ignore the crimes she has committed and they are painting her in the same manner they painted Obama as some sort of Savior! She’s far from that, however! And they paint Trump as the evil man who wants to wreck America when they know fully well that is not the case at all. And, come to think of it, hasn’t it been the MSM that has erected the divisions among us lately? You know, lib vs conservative, black vs white, red vs blue, etc. “Divide and Conquer!” That’s the motto of the MSM and thus far they’ve done a GREAT JOB! Sad thing is we will all one day suffer the consequences of that division INCLUDING THE MSM!!


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