Adam and the Dinosaurs

Dinosaur and Human footprints walking side by side!

Dinosaur and Human footprints walking side by side!

It’s claimed that dinosaurs “ruled the earth” for 140 million years until they died out around 60 million years ago. According to evolutionary theory that is BEFORE humans appeared on the planet. This is standard theory but there is an opposing theory that holds that man and dinosaurs coexisted at the same time and it was only around 6000 years ago that dinosaurs went extinct!

Scientists have found fossilized dinosaur bones and broken them open only to be shocked that they still contain soft tissue and flexible blood vessels. This is hardly evidence for something that became “extinct” 6000 years ago!

Since the 1820s dinosaur bones have been discovered on every continent in mostly what is considered to be water graveyards. Many of the bones are all thrown together as if some great cataclysm happened on planet Earth in the past. Some people think that this cataclysm was the infamous Noah’s Flood and others are not so sure. One thing is certain, however, and that is that SOMETHING happened on this planet of great magnitude and it wiped out the dinosaurs. Well, at least most of them…maybe.

Our English word “dinosaur” comes from the Greek word for “terrible lizard.” The English word “dinosaur” did not even exist in our language until 1841 when Dr Richard Owen who was a creationist scientist at the British Museum came up with the new term.

Some Christian Theologians and Scientists believe Adam and Eve DID see dinosaurs! They believe God created humans and dinosaurs on the same Day, that is Day 6 of Creation. Others hold the view that dinosaurs were one of the many “beasts of the field” created by God at the same time He created Adam which was before the creation of Eve. God brought all of the beasts to Adam so he could name them and that included dinosaurs.

This all said we now come to the subject of DRAGONS! I love dragon tales! Every culture on the planet has some sort of dragon tale from remote times and even some to the present time! Within every legend is some element of truth I believe be that truth large or small but truth nevertheless. Thus, dragon tales MAY be based on REAL confrontations with left-over dinosaurs who survived the great cataclysm. Not only do world cultures have dragon tales but they also depict what appear to be “dragons” (read dinosaurs) in their art! Dinosaur pictographs and carvings can be found on ancient cave walls and, thus, they are deemed to provide extra-Biblical evidence that dinosaurs, at least SOME, coexisted with the first humans. In many of these ancient depictions the details of these cave drawings and art are so detailed that there is NO MISTAKE that they were drawing or carving a DINOSAUR! So how did they know what dinosaurs looked like unless they had actually seen them? After all, they weren’t digging up dino fossils back then as far as we know and if they did stumble across one they likely wouldn’t even know what it was!

Many ancient seafarers also told tales of encountering large sea creatures during their voyages and they described them as dinosaurs NOT whales. Most certainly they knew what whales looked like and it appears too that some of them also knew what ancient water-living dinosaurs looked like! These encounters were likely real not imaginary according to some researchers.

Even today we have reports of what appear to be dinosaurs. Since the early 1800s and even before pioneer settlers in the American Southwest told tales of seeing giant flying lizards and they even claimed to have shot a few out of the sky (think pterodactyl). Even today in the American Southwest there are witnesses who report still seeing these creatures that are SUPPOSED to be EXTINCT! By the way even the Biblical prophet Isaiah apparently saw a dinosaur. That is recorded in Isaiah 30:6. What is described is a flying dinosaur (dragon) with wings!

Down in Argentina and the general area there are thousands of reports of people seeing dinosaurs in the desert regions and what they describe is nothing short of prehistoric velociraptors  that are also supposed  to be extinct. And these people are NOT the town drunks either! They include doctors, college professors, police officers, military personnel, etc.

In Central Africa there are reports and sightings of dinosaurs still living in the jungles there and then there are also the many reports of giant sea creatures living in waters around the world with the most famous one being Loch Ness.

What are we to make of these reports both past and present? Are we to simply dismiss them all out of hand without investigation? The Biblical scientists may be right! Adam and the dinosaurs were around at the same time and SOME MAY still be with us today!

Cave art appearing to show man and a dinosaur!

Cave art appearing to show man and a dinosaur!

Even in the Bible there are references to these “dragons” we call dinosaurs today. One of the better known is the Behemoth and another is the Leviathan. The behemoth monster the Bible says was a giant beast with a tree-like tail and bones like bronze! The Bible says the legs of this creature were like bars of iron. Additionally, the Leviathan creature the Bible speaks of was an enormous fire-breathing beast! It had vicious teeth and scales that were like stone. Most likely this dinosaur gave birth to our legends of fire-breathing dragons! Just to be fair some Bible scholars hold the view that behemoth was an elephant or hippo and Leviathan was a crocodile. But what the Bible describes is NOT an elephant, hippo, or crocodile!

Fossilized tracks of humans and dinosaurs seemingly walking side by side have also been found and both sets of tracks have been dated to the SAME TIME! How much more PROOF is needed that man and dinosaurs coexisted, at least SOME dinosaurs but I don’t think all. These tracks were made in ancient mud and then solidified and became stone.

It is interesting to note that the word “tanniyn” in Hebrew and “drakon” in Greek appears in the Bible no less than 48 times! In prophetic terms the dragon is associated with Satan in the Bible no less than 13 times. So is Satan really some monstrous dinosaur still roaming around?

Many Bible verses mention other animals such as lions, cobras, etc along with dragons in the same sentence! Many believe Adam (6000 yrs ago) knew the dinosaurs as did Noah (2500 yrs ago) along with Job (2000 yrs ago). Others include Isaiah who lived around 700 BC, Jeremiah and Ezekiel who lived around 600 BC and even the Apostle John who lived around 50 AD. Consider that if the Apostle John saw dinosaurs in 50 AD then likely there are a FEW still around today in 2016!!

Today we THINK we’ve got it all figured out in terms of our history but as I look around I see all kinds evidence that indicates we DON’T have it figured out at all. At least in terms of PREHISTORY! And that explains why our theories relating to prehistory are CONSTANTLY changing as we find more and more evidence that what we thought was, was not and what we thought was not, WAS…..and maybe STILL IS!


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