Dyatlov Pass Pt 3: The Ravine

— Remains found in the Ravine —

Lyudmila Dubinina — age 20, her remains were found in the deep ravine with her foot wrapped in a piece of

Lyudmila Dubinina

Lyudmila Dubinina

Krivonischenko’s underpants. She was also wearing his brown sweater. That sweater tested POSITIVE FOR RADIATION! Her cause of death was determined to be from major chest fractures. Her tongue was missing along with her eyes! Parts of her lips were also missing along with facial tissue. A fragment of her skull bone was also missing. Examiners believe her tongue was removed BEFORE she died and was still alive!!!

Map of the Crime Scene where the bodies were found

Map of the Crime Scene where the bodies were found

Dubinina must have made a final effort to save her life because she took off a sweater and cut it into two pieces wrapping one part around her left foot and dropping or intentionally not using the other half in the snow.  She had several abrasions and bruises around both eyes and nose as did the others.  Her eye sockets were empty when searchers found her and most likely animals had eaten her eyes out as is commonly found.  Her nose was broken and flattened as if someone had delivered a massive blow to her nose!  Her tongue was missing and this is not unusual as animals tend to eat the soft tissues first on any deceased corpse animal OR human.

Her body showed signs of numerous broken ribs.  Four ribs on her right side were broken virtually in a straight line down each rib as if she had been hit by some objects carried by someone!  Five are broken on the left side showing the same pattern.  The right atrium of her heart showed MASSIVE hemorrhage.  Bruises were noted in the middle of her left thigh as well during the autopsy.  Many vague statements were made by examiners who examined this body and it is as if this autopsy was done very quickly and not altogether thoroughly for some odd reason.  Her stomach contained 100 g of coagulated blood, it was noted.  Cause of death in her case was ruled death by hemorrhage, internal bleeding, and multiple fractures.

Semyon Zolotaryov — age 38, his remains were found in the ravine wearing the faux fur coat belonging to

Semyon Zolotaryov (Sasha)

Semyon Zolotaryov (Sasha)

Dubinina along with her hat. He had a camera around his neck and he along with Thibeaux were almost fully clothed and wearing some kind of footwear. One of his eye balls was missing and he had major chest fractures specifically 5 broken ribs. He was the eldest member of the group.  Semyon had broken and cracked ribs also.  In fact, his chest was flattened!!  Five ribs on his right side were smashed and examiners noted two fracture lines also in a curious straight line down each rib!  His eye balls were missing as well most likely eaten out by scavengers after he died. Soft tissue around his left eye brow was also missing like the result of scavengers as well.  He had an open wound on the right side of his skull showing exposed bone.  What or who smashed this man’s chest?  And with what?

Alexander Kolevatov — age 24, he was found wearing a sweater and pants both of which tested positive for RADIATION! Specifically, it was the lower part of his pants that tested positive while the upper part did not. The

Alexander Kolevatov

Alexander Kolevatov

whole sweater, however, tested positive. His nose was broken and skull bones were exposed. His cause of death was ruled as “Hypothermia.”  Examiners noted that his body was well insulated from the cold but he was missing shoes and a hat.  His ski jacket was damaged with a big hole in the left sleeve surrounded by burned edges.  The right sleeve was also damaged showing several tears and the jacket was unbuttoned and unzipped which is odd for someone having supposedly died of hypothermia.  His pockets contained soda pills and codeine pills.  His woolen socks had some slight fire damage.  He had a bandage on his left ankle likely put there BEFORE the horrendous event at the tent occurred.  The groups first aid kit was left inside the tent.  The waistband of his sweater and the lower parts of his pants tested positive for RADIOACTIVITY!  His nose was broken and he had an open wound behind the ear.  Oddly, examiners described his neck as being “DEFORMED.”  His left knee showed signs of having bled in the underlying tissue.  His finger skin and feet were noted as being softened and whitened.  This is consistent with a body having been in water for an extended period of time along with putrefaction.  His overall skin color was a greenish-gray with a tinge of purple.  The examiners were once again “strangely silent” about his injuries.  How did he break his nose or did someone break it?  And what about the “deformed neck”?  Did someone break his neck with some sort of weapon?  This may have been the result of a FIGHT and it may have been the REAL CAUSE OF HIS DEATH not hypothermia!!  However, his body was exposed to the elements for 3 months so natural deterioration and scavengers could have done this.  Examiners mostly ignored these matters without explanation of any kind!  It might be noted that a snapped neck and blow behind the ear was a common sign of KILLING performed by RUSSIAN SPECIAL FORCES!

Nikolai Thibeaux-Brignolle — age 23, his remains were also found in the ravine and he like Zolotaryov was

Nikolai Thibeaux-Brignolles (aka: Kolya)

Nikolai Thibeaux-Brignolles (aka: Kolya)

dressed warmer than the other group members. He had woolen socks on his feet and a pair of felt boots known as “Valenki.” His body showed MAJOR signs of skull damage. He had multiple fractures to the side of his skull that would have rendered him unable to move!  Accidental fall was ruled OUT by Dr Vozrojdenniy because the skull fracture was so big and unusual.

Major skull fractures? Major chest damage and injuries? Radioactivity? What REALLY killed these hikers. Yes hypothermia was likely the end cause of their deaths but something happened prior to that. Something deadly and powerful! Something put these hikers into a sheer PANIC while they were still inside the tent! It caused them to cut their way out of the tent rather than use the flap-door! What were they trying to get away from? Why didn’t they go through the flap-door to get out? Was someone or something at the flap-door entering into the tent with them? Someone or something that they wanted no part of?

After cutting and ripping their way out of the tent they ran down the slope in a panic! These people were trying to get away from someone or something but what was it? When the hikers at the cedar tree climbed that tree were they looking for something OR trying to get away from something or someone? What sent them into such sheer panic and terror? Footprints were found leaving the tent but NONE were found coming up to the tent. Thus, there was NO EVIDENCE that anyone had entered their camp and was threatening them! But something or someone did enter the tent camp area and if not from the ground then it must have been in the sky above them.

At the tent encampment investigators found NO SIGNS of anyone being dragged in the snow and footprints suggested everyone in the group fled on their own without help.

To be continued…………………………….

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